Monday, February 13, 2012

Trial doesn't stop the tweeding

From the NY Post:

Pedro Espada is still leeching off his Soundview Health Center even in its dying days.

The former state senator, about to face trial on charges of looting the clinics, continues to show up at the Bronx facilities — and collect his outsize salary — despite a judge’s stern suggestion to stay away, a source told The Post.

A Soundview spokeswoman insisted Espada has had “no association” with the clinics since December. But both Espada and his son Pedro Gautier Espada have been seen at the centers, sources said.

The elder Espada refused to answer questions about his salary. His pay package hit $611,901 in 2008, according to Soundview’s tax return for that year, which was filed July 2011, almost two years late.

While the Espadas continue to squeeze every dime out of the taxpayer-funded nonprofit they founded, the clinics are gasping their last breath.

On Friday, while some workers were allegedly getting pink slips, another of Espada’s sons, Alejandro — who was installed as Soundview’s executive vice president with a six-figure salary — pulled up to the headquarters in the family’s $62,000 Mercedes SUV.

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