Thursday, January 20, 2011

Council snow hearings are a waste of time

From the Daily News:

Mayor Bloomberg is - again - throwing snowballs at the outer boroughs, City Council members say.

He's refusing to send Sanitation Department reps to a series of Council hearings that will be the first chance for many New Yorkers to sound off about the disastrous Dec. 26 blizzard.

He'll instead send community affairs representatives with details about the mayor's 15-point plan to improve the city's snow response.

"Unacceptable!" fumed Council Sanitation Committee Chairwoman Letitia James (D, WFP-Brooklyn). "This is an actof disrespect to the outer boroughs, mostof which were ignored during the blizzard."

James had asked for the sanitation superintendents from each borough to explain at six hearings what went wrong in the hardest-hit parts of the city.

"I don't want Community Affairs to tell me about salt, snowplows, chains, deployments and assignments," James said.

That article led to this:

The Sanitation Department got an earful about its lousy blizzard cleanup at a public hearing on Staten Island last night - but wouldn't answer questions about it.

"I would like to extend the department's apology," Sanitation Department official Iggy Terranova told the 50 or so people gathered at the Michael J. Petrides School. "I will take each concern back to Commissioner [John] Doherty."

That wasn't good enough for City Council members who called the hearing and said it added insult to injury for Staten Islanders who waited days for plows to clean their streets.

"The administration can come here to talk to the people but not with the people," said Councilman Jumaane Williams (D-Brooklyn). "This should be a dialogue."

Last night was the Brooklyn hearing, and DSNY didn't show up at all this time. Oh and then there's this from Forest Hills Patch:

City Councilwoman Karen Koslowitz revealed at the Community Board 6 meeting Tuesday night that neither the Mayor's office nor the Department of Sanitation will have an executive presence at the Queens snow removal hearing on Friday.


Anonymous said...

The fact remains, Bloomburg, our illustrous jerky mayor, screwed us, and he should be forced to come to the boros and take the heat. He caused the situation and only he should answer for it. Sanitation reps are his puppets and will say what he wants them to. He should get his ass to these meetings and let him hear from the forgotten outer boro residents. Problem is he knows he screwed up big time and can't take the heat. He just keeps passing the buck and lying. I wish his term was over!!!!

Anonymous said...

why should bloomie be concerned about the public ? same as the clowns in the 58million dollar annually operation called city council.---they're also a massive waste.

Anonymous said...

Yeah same old story, Bloomberg refuses to come clean and apologize to the boro residents that he is directly responsible for the city and this snow storm episode.

He does the blame game beating up the Sanitation guys but in essense even Manhattan looked crappy and had to resort hiring illegal aliens to shovel the crosswalks.

Bloomberg was caught strolling with his swim-pants down on his estate in Bermuda on Christmas day. No one had authority to call a snow emergency or even an alert while he was away since all he could see when they called was balmy skys and 80 degree temperatures. His very high priced lackeys sat on their hands until he arrived in NY by snowmobile to then look like the idiot that he is.

The city council should alternatively call for a law that give authority to a designated elected offical to act as Mayor in the Mayor's absence (out of town) this would serve to limit and minimize the Mayor's leaving town without our knowledge and have someone with full authority to act as Mayor 24 x 7 .

Anonymous said...

We know where the Mayor was during the blizzard even though he didn't confirm it.
However where were my Councilmen , the likes of Councilmembers Recchia & Nelson ?
They should have been here to...remember guys it was an EMERGENCY.

Anonymous said...

same as the clowns in the 58million dollar annually operation called city council.---they're also a massive waste.

Only $58 million? Seems paltry compared to the $80 million lost in the City Fund scandal. I'm s-o-o-o-o glad the media is pursuing this. Aren't you?

Anonymous said...

Ah....stop blowin' smoke up our asses.

The city council dances to Mayor Blow-berg's tunes.

This is their latest variety show.

We get nothing but "snow jobs" from the city council too!

Go back to Bermuda Mike and continue running NYC from your Blackberry!

georgetheatheist said...

"...continue running NYC from your Blackberry"

Bingo. We're at war with Al Qaeda and the Mayor is a weekend no-show.

Imagine Winston Churchill during the Blitz and the Bozo Billionaire during a terrorist attack.

Anonymous said...

Mr Public Safety Vallone is not only dodging his performance in this issue (as he did on the Con Ed) disaster, but is busy pushing for even more development so an impossible situation is busy on the way to becoming a disasterous situation.

or yes, he also pushed for Bloomberg to overturn term limits.

Anonymous said...

when the nyc unions are not permitted to own the candidates, with their member's dues contributions,then the nyc electorate might get a decent officer in charge of the city.

Anonymous said...

the gazzette's 1977-1980 data analysis is faulty and under addressed.

during the democrat JIMMY CARTER administration, this nation suffered an unemployment rate of 11%,inflation of 14%, interest rates of 19% .

the author is not unbiased.....

without a job ,one is in jeopardy. 14% inflation renders the dollar worthless. corporations can not retool at 19 % interest rates and either leave the country or close down.

one who is experienced enough to have been at both ends of the spectrum.

Anonymous said...

when the nyc unions are not permitted to own the candidates, with their member's dues contributions,then the nyc electorate might get a decent officer in charge of the city.

Please do explain this for us. Are you saying Bloomberg is in debt to the unions? Do you even know what you are talking about? Demonizing unions? Aside from the criminals like McCloughlin and those like him, how do the members doing the work control anything? What exactly do you mean by NYC unions?

Stupidity like this allows these pieces of Crap, to contiue doing what they do. If anyone complains, you throw blame to the workers, who are union members, and WALA, its the unions fault, deflecting the attention from where it ought to be... FUCKING AMAZING, WHAT A CITY WE LIVE IN.

Claire said...

Waste? What's a waste? I haven't seen mine in years!

PS Leave my buddy, the mayor, alone!!! I'm pretty sure that I got a kickback from him at one time! Hmmmm......... Did he help me pay my fine for illegal lobbying? Now THAT was a snow job!!!