Saturday, January 15, 2011

No room for kids at public schools

From the Daily News:

Kindergarten classes in the city are the biggest they've been in more than a decade - and some parents say their kids are paying the price.

There are 7,616 kindergarten students learning in classrooms with more than 25 children, up from 5,414 last year - a 40% increase - according to preliminary Education Department statistics.

A handful even have an average of 30 or more children in each kindergarten class, such as Public School 298 in Ocean Hill-Brownsville in Brooklyn.

Kindergarten class size began dropping in 1999 and leveled off in 2002 when Mayor Bloomberg took office. This year, the average class size is 22.3, up from 20.9 just two years ago. The size limit for kindergartens set in the teachers' contract is 25 kids.

Additionally, class size in first through third grade overall is the highest it's been in 10 years, statistics show.

In 2007, the city agreed to reduce class size in exchange for state money. Kindergarten through third-grade classes were supposed to be capped at 20 students by next year, but as budgets have been slashed and state aid reduced, class size has risen.

Hey there's always birth control, as the new chancellor says. (Except if you're an illegal.)


Anonymous said...

"Hey there's always birth control, as the new chancellor says."

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — New York City Schools Chancellor Cathie Black opened up a can of worms on Thursday after joking about her solution for overcrowding in schools.

“Couldn’t we just have some birth control for a while?” Black mused. “It could really help us out a lot.”

There were chuckles from those attending the meeting, but some said her attempt at a joke was not funny.


Anonymous said...

Birth control and border control.

Anonymous said...

What Kathy meant was can't the niggers, spics, and gooks stop having children.

Anonymous said...

I thought the reference to Sophie's Choice was dumber than the birth control comment.

Anonymous said...

This is what happens when you hire a business person to run an organization whose "Product" is living, human beings.

I have four children, am not an illegal, send my children to the schools within my district, pay for a tutor for extra resources, pay all my taxes and then some. I must say, I am offended by her comments. How dare she say such a thing. We blame the illegals, and all others, yet the fact of the matter remains, what she said was offensive to all us "working class" shmucks that do all the right things(according to government), pay all our taxes, especially real estate taxes, work 1-2-3 jobs to pay our bills and maintain our homes. Yet,we can't afford to send our children to private schools, nor should we have to.

Every study shows smaller class size is beneficial for the customer "student". yet they don"t do it. They treat teachers like 4th class citizens, constantly bashing them in the media, yes there is plenty of waste amongst the ranks, with over 100,000 employees this is bound to happen, and did you ever ask yourself how they got in in the first place? Only in 2009 did they start interviewing substitute teachers and making them write essays to see if they can speak ENGLISH or not. About time!!

Now they are attacking Pensions and Tenure. Sure why not? Teachers went into teaching to become rich right? Wrong. They have no desire to become rich, for the most part they love children and want to share their knowledge and passion for the material. Cops do not become cops for the $, nor do Firemen , they know the danger but chose to do it anyway, Sanitation know what they are getting into. Non of these public sector employees go into it with false dreams of becoming rich. But, the benefits they have secure a life for them and their families. TAKE IT ALL AWAY FROM THEM WHO CARES! Statiscians throw out numbers comparing what public employees make to what private sector employees make. LETS PLAY STATISTICS, WHERE NUMBERS CAN SHOW WHATEVER YOU WANT THEM TO SHOW.

Amazing how when a teacher does something and is sent to the "rubber room" they blame the teachers union for the long delay. Look at the turnover in the law department, and the incompetence at the department of investigations unit of the DOE.
The Principal has the authority to run his or her school how they see fit! Yes, just use the money the way we tell you too, and the million other limits they put on you, then run it the way you see fit. As long as you do what we tell you to do, you know like the non existent Police Department quotas.

Our elected officials are now saying that it is a conflict of interest to have their pensions with that of public sector employees, THEY ARE PUBLIC SECTOR EMPLOYEES! Ask yourself why? so once the remove themselves, they can attack the Public employee pensions while safely safeguarding their pensions. SHAME ON THEM.

Gary the Agnostic said...

Queens Teacher --

And incredibly insensitive as well. But the, what do you expect from a Bloomberg appointee?

Anonymous said...

Birth control all the way, lets give this planet a rest god dammit!!! One child only, more only if you can show documentation you can afford it, STOP THE INSANITY!

linda said...

HEY I've always said give out birth control.. it's sad but true about public schools.. she didn't say anything that other american's have said!

Anonymous said...

@ Gary:

I expected her to be uninformed about educational policies. But being a publishing exec., I did not expect her to have foot-in-mouth disease. The way she talks and even listens (watch the video of her at that committee meeting), she just comes across foolish in general. Her first response when she entered a NYC public school a month ago was "It's so clean". What did she expect? Dirt floors and animals running around?

She's giving everyone a glimpse of the gazillionaire bubble she lives in.


It may very well be what many are thinking but she needs to use some common sense when she opens her mouth. Using birth control doesn't alleviate the overcrowding issue they have NOW. So making that remark doesn't solve anything. All it does is make her look clueless and elitist.

Anonymous said...

Birth control, Sophie's Choice...I am starting to warm up to Ms Black.

Mayor Mike said...

Ya like my choice for chancellor?

Anonymous said...

The other reason for this increase is that people who would have moved to the suburbs when starting families have decided to stay in the city because it has become safer etc. The parents the school chancellor was addressing on thursday, live downtown in tribeca, Battery Park and the financial district which has seen an explosion of children entering a district that does not have enough schools. Our illustrious Mayor has encouraged development of these areas, but didn't think about the fact that people are staying. He just assumed that they would leave when they started having children.

georgetheatheist said...

She's "In over her head" you say? ALL the School Chancellors are in over their head. Name one who wasn't.

From the article: "Budgets have been slashed and state aid reduced." Now why is that?

Collectivism of any sort starts out with great expectations and eventually goes into the toilet. The impending collapse of the Ponzi-scheme Social Security system will make Madoff look like a piker. I wonder if they are teaching Atlas Shrugged in their English classes? (

Let's have PUBLIC "single payer" health insurance or a "PUBLIC Option". We can fund it with gambling money. Just like we fund the the PUBLIC school system.

Buy more Lotto tickets. I DEMAND my diploma and colonoscopy.

Joe said...

Birth Control...spike the water and end the cash baby program. (Both)
These turd world animals sneaking into the country can’t control themselves and never learn. Most these mex and Central American woman are world class leg spreaders who along with the men are repeating the same habits that destroyed their home countrys.

Ask any school teacher the sh*t they see and have to deal with on open school confrence night.
My mother was a school teacher at PS145 in Bushwick who got fed up with the Board of Ed and all the animals and quit 20 years ago. I cant imagine how bad things are now.

Anonymous said...


Many thought those same things of the Italians one hundred years ago.

Joe said...

Big difference Teacher.
100 years ago there were only a couple steam ships and safeguards in place to make sure these people didnt become leaches. They had sponsors and were checked for desease

In the age of the airplane and automobile these illegals are flooding in faster then the country can handle it.
These people come here to "get over" on the services and continue to live like the did in the slum pueblos and hills they came from.
5 plus kids with countless possible different fathers by age 20?
The Italians, Irish, Chinese of the 1900's didnt behave like that

My taxes are going through the roof with all these cash babies. Also look at the new surcharges and taxes on your phone bill . Almost $20 a month $240 a year to give these these leg-spreaders a free cellphones + 180 minutes a month nation wide and mexico on my dime.
The states going broke with no end in sight, murders and sex crimes soaring because of these people who dont belong here.
Whats next $1000 a year automoble reg renewals to put the next generaton of them on Welfare ?

Anonymous said...


But Italians/Irish were seen the same way by the people that were already here. They had lots of kids too, just by the same man. They lived in the ghetto. Life wasn't too pretty for them. People thought they were scum.

If you were President, how would you go about changing the direction we're in? I mean REAL solutions.

Joe said...

Simple ..just enforce the laws and statutes we already have.
Use the army if needed to kick these freeloading trespassing criminals and their bastard unruly, un-educate able offspring out.

Children of illegals have no "born right".
Read that statute carefully it was intended (intent of the law) was to insure birth rights to the children of slaves. Its obsolete and should have been stricken from the books ages ago.

Are you sure you a school teacher? Who the hell is the DOE hiring for teaching positions these days bartenders and leftyloops from NYU ?

Anonymous said...


Now you're attacking me?

Not cool.

Joe said...

No, I'm still seething from Walmart in Riverhead.
Dozens of Isles and checkout lines of not one person speaking English.
The cherry on the cake was some Hispanic group by the exit shed hitting me up for donations help single parents.
I told them exactly what I thought ending with "Tell them to self deport and go home to Mexico" They went total ape shit in Spanish flipping their own table.

2 old black ladies clapped and said "Amen You tell em, but corrected me saying they are Guatemalans (Riverhead) not Mexicans there is some kind of hierarchy.

Anonymous said...

Be careful what you say to people. They could pull out a gun on you.

What are you doing in Riverhead. Aren't you from Manhasset?

Shop at the Americana. Don't think there are any Guatemalans there.

Anonymous said...

I'm for birth control!

Give Tommy Huang (and sons) vasectomies so they can't pollute the earth with their spawn!

Tie their females' tubes too!

Anonymous said...

If these "ghettos sows" keep dropping offspring...our schools will be even worse.

Claire D. Cow said...

I'm for birth control!

I'm for girth control!

Anonymous said...

In queens and nyc in general, us the students are free to be mobile and attend any school we want even if its not our zoned school. We would apply for law, math, scholar, etc. programs to get in (some elementary, all middle and high schools are liek that), which is what i did to get out of my zoned school district. This in terms contributes a little to the overcrowding as well. If QUeens and the rest of the city manadates all students to stay within their district like how long island does, then it would help alleviate soem of the overcrowding. Altho it wouldn't solve the whole problem, it will help a little

Velvethead said...

Offer free clinic tube tyings for free catalog items like:
50 Cent cd's
Tyler Perry dvd's
Mickey D Happy Meal coupons
Green plantains

Joe said...

Oh I know who you are now Italian Girl, What was I doing in Riverhead ?

I was buying chicken feed and rice coal (Agway) and Lighting fixtures (Walmart) for my Ridgewood tenants.
The Americana & Miracle Mile totally sucks Italian Girl....Its all BS $$ metrosexual and princess stuff.
Felines basement and Woolworth s was good good guy stuff. I don't need $90 shirts and socks. I rather vintage cars or precious metals (better liquid resale value)

If it makes a difference I actually live in Southold, Manhasset and Ridgewood. I also do all the maintenance and pay taxes at gunpoint on all 3 myself. That why I go nuts when I see these preggo welfare brats towing 5 kids as my tax's skyrocket to pay for them.
These leaches live off the government as their unmarried men work unmarked cash to send to Mexico to bring another family over the bordern. The process repeats doubling school taxes every 5 years

Anonymous said...


So why live among the snooty people if you detest them so much?

Chicken feed???

Anonymous said...

Deport illegals!!!!! Plain and simple.

Follow Missouri..English should be the official language of this state.

Just saying.

Anonymous said...

You know Joe don't you, that these women would NEVER get pregnant by just spreading their legs.

THERE is a guy involved. ALWAYS.
Keep it zipped. If guys just kept it zipped, or wore a coat or if they learned to control themselves -no kids.
but hey is so easy to blame the women, and call them "SINGLE parents"
If the men of world just stepped up, and took responsibility for their behavior, things would be different.

but hey its so much easier to dis women.
A guy who sleeps around is a hero, player, a real man.
a woman is a slut.. talk about double standards.

Anonymous said...

Sterilize the poor, the best solution to ending poverty!! if the poor cant reproduce, you eliminate the problem, a beautiful thing we can we enact this!!! NO MORE BABIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! tear down public housing while you're at it, sick of people on the dole

Anonymous said...

If the men of world just stepped up, and took responsibility for their behavior, things would be different ?

Wont happen in this case, these woman come her TO GET PREGNANT
The men squat monsters that sneak into this country are one step removed from rain forest animals.
Most are drunks and perverts who cant control themselves, besides the women want their baby's.
Getting pregnant "father unknown" guarantees automatic free healthcare at the hospital, cellphone, food, services and free money.

To add most these people are also Catholic where the church eggs them on to multiply like mice.
The mothers, priests and witch doctors in the home town pueblos teach "going to hell" and "haunting s of bad spirits" if they use birth control.

That's why Queens has much Santeria sacrifice going on.
Its a "pass" for the abortions and birth control the Mex Central Americans to use (what 2% of them ?)

Birth control WONT WORK with these jungle parasites, the borders must be closed and the jackpot baby program ended.

Anonymous said...

What Kathy meant was can't the niggers, spics, and gooks stop having children.
Wrong !
The Chinese have kids till they have a boy and the blacks and whites cant afford them.
Its the jackpots baby's that are flooding the schools.
According to WNYC over half the NYC school children under age 8 are Latino with at least one "immigrant" parent.
Half of them do not speak English in the household and perform so badly performance scores must be dropped to nothing.
Black and White children of American born parents can no longer get an education in NYC public schools.
It is likely they will go BACKWARDS when enrolled !!

Anonymous said...

the chinese-american parents ,who own their home,both work, with live in grandparent on my block, are raising FIVE boys.

your stats are bunk.

Anonymous said...

ps 117 in Briarwood has a classes of 28 or even 30 children