Sunday, January 16, 2011

Jackson Heights residents want their say

From the Daily News:

A group of Jackson Heights residents are up in arms over a plan to erect a six-story building in the neighborhood's historic district where a row of one-story businesses burned down last year.

The owners of the property at 84-01 37th Ave. are to appear before the city Landmarks Preservation Commission Tuesday to respond to public concerns on the design of the neo-Georgian structure. The commission may vote on whether to approve the project at the meeting.

Katie Musselwhite-Goldsmith, 32, of Jackson Heights, collected more than 500 signatures from locals who opposed the building.

"It's going to put a lot of stress on our schools, park space, sanitation," said Musselwhite-Goldsmith, who was particularly upset with the lack of windows on the eastern side of the building.

"If we can't stop it from only being a one-story building, at least they can make their design as humane as possible," she said.

There are plenty of six-story buildings in the area — just not on that block, she said.

Since the property is located in a historic district, the commission can choose to accept the current building plans or ask for modifications at tomorrow's meeting, said agency spokeswoman Lisi de Bourbon.

"We have a say in the appearance of the building and the materials used to construct it," she said.

The facility is slated to have ground-floor stores, 45 one- and two-bedroom apartments and 14 underground parking spaces...

45 residential units where there were none? I'm sure the area's schools, subways, sewers, power grid, etc. can absorb the new people. Since there are a million more of them coming this is just a drop in the bucket!


Anonymous said...

The insurance payout probably financed the architect and legal fees. Is this the building where the boiler mysteriously blew up last winter? If so, the owner sure isn't wasting any time.

Anonymous said...

45 apartments and 14 parking spots?

Anonymous said...

Aaahhh the power of 'NO', to give the illusion of meaning to an otherwise meaningless life. The exclusive domain of hags, nags and f ags.

Anonymous said...

It was act of God. Chu- ish lightning.

Snake Plissskin said...

It's going to put a lot of stress on our schools, park space, sanitation," said Musselwhite-Goldsmith, who was particularly upset with the lack of windows on the eastern side of the building.
You are not going to get anywhere.

You are from Queens and people from Queens do not play hardball with their politians. The are polite and respectful because they are told that is how things are done.

You are not going to write letters to the editors attacking this project and the local press' inevitable support of it.

You are not going to network with other communities to build a city-wide base to fight this abuse that has infected the four corners of our city.

You are not going to dog your local pol and berate them about this every chance you get, particularly when the press is in the room.

So go about your little ritual, and when you calm down they will let you decide the paint on the front door, everyone will backslap each other that the politican (read hero) has brokered a deal between the community and developer, and everyone will go home after you and all the parties gets a picture in the paper captioned with a title that does little more than tell the community that your local politican is such a swell wise clever person.

When the developer quietly makes a large campaign donation to the politican a few months later, and the following spring the door is painted a happy color as tweeds are shorehorned in, and you try to rally your neigbhors, they will have all moved on to something else resigned to the infrastructure busting eyesore.

Anonymous said...

Anon No. 4 -

Nice try. But showing your ignorance doesn't hide your anti-semitism.

Deke DaSilva said...

But showing your ignorance doesn't hide your anti-semitism.

Another sanctimonious "white weenie" with no sense of humor!

Anonymous said...

Next thing this genius will proclaim is that the Jew hating King of Saudi Arabia is an anti Semite.

Anonymous said...

45 units? In Whitestone we hav a parcel of land slated for at least 55 new homes with no infrastucture whatsoever. It is a vacant lot with no sewers, no power grid, and no road current or proposed. Many residents have proposed a community/education center with Gardens and Walkways similar to what is in Jackson Heights, only with a Grammacy Park atmosphere open only to the residents. The Councilman has told one of the local Civic Associations that there is no money. I asked the President and other officers of this Civic, what about Dromm securing 4 MILLION and Helen Marshall 1 MILLION to purchase the School Yard of the Garden School to expand Travers Park accross the street? They said they would ask Halloran about it.

Many "Community Activists" in Whitestone, have said that developing the property would be a good thing and even lower property taxes. They really think we are ALL that IGNORANT. First off we, the current residents would have to foot the bill for the infrastucture. Then, when the project is developed, it would most likely raise property value. This would in turn do what to the property taxes? You guessed it, raised property value = raised taxes.

Is that right Debra Markell? What about you Eugene Kelty of Boosters beach, is this scenario correct? (Yes same Eugene as Community OverDevelopment Board 7)What does Whitestone Taxpayers have to say about this? Your name has taxpayers in in after all. Malba Gardens Civic, your members will be the ones most affected by this development, what are you guys saying on this? What about that cast of Characters that just finished running for the various Political office's? They all crawl back into the woodwork? No more helping the community? Where is Halloran on this? Avella, Braunstein? Those of you that cared soo much in your speaches when running, now that you lost do you still care?

Unfortunately Snake is correct, unless you continue to push and call the elected officials out, it will go exactly the way he says. Remember the minute you start, you will be called antagonistic, crazy, UnAmerican and many more unflattering names. So what! It is your neighborhood and you should have a say in what happens there.

Good Luck to you.

Anonymous said...

Deke --

That's because a remark like that isn't funny.

Let Anon. No. 4 tell us what ethnic group he/she is a member of, so we can make wholly unfair and innaccurate comments about them.

Anonymous said...

Where does Drommy boy stand on this issue? Everything I see him doing is for Jack. Hgts., so is he for or against? Hey folks, start screaming and get your local pols involved.!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I bet the first floor will be an asian supermarket...I can imagine the wet floor and stinky smell. I gotta get out of JH before it is too late. I heard the buyer paid $5.4M for it.