Tuesday, January 18, 2011

More manufacturing lost under Bloomberg

From the Village Voice:

This month, City Limits magazine reported that under Mayor Bloomberg's watch, manufacturing jobs in the city disappeared twice as fast as in the rest of the country. Almost 64,000 blue-collar positions vanished, a decline of 46 percent. It is the worst eight-year slide in city history, says Sarah Crean, who has kept an eye on these statistics for the New York Industrial Retention Network. Land rezoning is one reason, says Crean. Indifference is another.

Bloomberg skipped this hemorrhage of entry-level jobs in his own economic slideshow last month in Brooklyn, where he insisted that the president should follow his example if he wants to fix the nation's economy. Of course, if not for all the federal stimulus funds pumped into Wall Street banks and investment firms over the past two years, the city would be just as flat on its back as the rest of the country. This fact was also omitted from a presentation intended to stoke more of the mayor's White House dreams.


Mike Bloomturd said...

What me worry?

Let's simply import MORE unskilled workers from south of the border!

Pass the DREAM ACT!

It's a SCREAM!!!

Mayor Mike said...

Hey! Whatdyawant? I need real estate for the residential units that will house millions of new New Yorkers. Schmucks!

Mayor Mike said...

By the way, I'm manufacturing something for all of my QC friends right now. Just give me a second to wipe.

John Loo said...

The job's not over til the paperwork's done.

Anonymous said...

I want to live in AH MER EE KA!

Everythingz FREE in AH MER EE KA!