Thursday, January 20, 2011

700 cops for Freedom Tower

From the Daily News:

Nearly 700 city cops will be assigned to a new command dedicated to policing the Freedom Tower and surrounding area, NYPD Commissioner Raymond Kelly said Tuesday.

The World Trade Center Command will not be fully staffed until Ground Zero is completely rebuilt.

But the 673 officers that will eventually work out of the new command will give it substantially more manpower than any other NYPD precinct.

The precincts that have the largest headcounts - the Midtown South Precinct in Manhattan and the 75th Precinct in Brooklyn - each have about 400 cops.

Since the NYPD has roughly 6,000 fewer cops now than it did shortly after 9-11, a big question surrounds the new command: Where is Kelly going to get the cops to staff it?

Police brass said it is not clear how many of the 673 cops will be new hires and how many will be pulled from other assignments.

And it appears the city budget will have to absorb any additional financial impact, since - as of right now - no federal money has been earmarked for the Ground Zero cops.


Joe said...

Ray Kelly s and ass, that sight wont be finished (or have any luck) in his or most of our lifetimes.
All the people involved fight like cats and many cooks and greedy landlords.

My Grandfather was correct, that whole sight (former radio row) is cursed due to what Rockefeller , Lindsay and NYS sheriffs did to 1000's of people in 1965 to steal that property.
Two TV shop brothers were evicted from there homes, dragged to the street and died of heart attacks. 1000's of family's and business's destroyed.

700 or 7000 cops wearing garlic wont be enough IMHO.

Anonymous said...

Kell's ego is out of control!This is the responsibility 0f the Port Authority PD.Kelly can assign more cops tp the 1st pct ,if need be.Since we have no cops left,he will just pull more manpower from the outer boroughs.

Queens Crapper said...

"The new command is the result of a 2008 agreement that resolved a turf battle over Ground Zero policing that saw the NYPD spar with the Port Authority, which controls the 16-acre site.

Under the terms of the controversial agreement, the NYPD got overwhelming control over Ground Zero. The Port Authority will run security at the PATH hub and take part in police operations in the new office towers.

Before the 2008 agreement was reached, Port Authority cops were slamming the NYPD for trying to wrest control of Ground Zero security. And families of some of the 37 Port Authority cops killed on 9-11 said giving the NYPD control would dishonor their fallen loved ones.

But judging by the reaction to Kelly's announcement yesterday among some rank-and-file Port Authority officials, bitterness over the power struggle still remains.

"Commissioner Kelly's plan for policing the World Trade Center assumes all is well in the rest of New York City's neighborhoods," Port Authority PBA President Paul Nunziato said in a stinging statement.

Nunziato accused Kelly of "duplicating the police services" that the Port Authority already provides at Ground Zero.

Anonymous said...

When the powers that be want to destroy something, 700 or 700,000 cops wont prevent it from happening. Get ready NY, the criminal element is salivating at the mouth!

Joe said...

Bloomberg's sanctuary city must have around 1 million feral people hiding out not on his doorstep but in Queens and Brooklyn.
These people are not going home and are getting REAL hungry and desperate.
Just wait till 1/2 the cops get cut across the board and whoever is left in the outer boroughs are then sent to protect tourist$ in Manhattan).
The people in the outer boroughs better start getting prepared (and learning) how to defend themselves because the cops wont be around or looking after each others family's when the shit starts hitting the fan.


georgetheatheist said...

Do it now:

Anonymous said...

700 cops for NO tenants.

Makes sense, eh?