Tuesday, January 25, 2011

USDA suggests expanding slaughter to other species

The USDA is considering a number of ways to reduce bird strikes at Kennedy Airport. Although Canada geese were the cause of the Miracle on the Hudson crash, the fact is that there have been bird strikes with 72 different species over the years. So what to do? Well, one proposal that apparently is seriously being considered involves killing at least 6 more species other than Canada geese.

From the Bird Hazard Reduction Program Executive Summary, page 11:

Alternative 4: Add Off-Airport Lethal Bird Hazard Management to Current Bird Hazard Management Program

This alternative would enable WS to recommend and conduct lethal bird hazard management projects at off-airport sites. It does not include activities to reduce or relocate the Laughing Gull colony. Species which may be targeted for off-airport management actions within a 5-mile radius of JFK under this alternative include Canada Geese, Mute Swans, Double-crested Cormorants, blackbirds*, crows*, Rock Pigeons, and European Starlings. This alternative would also include efforts to reduce the resident Canada Goose population within 7 miles of the airport. Work in the 5-7 mile radius around JFK would be conducted as needed to augment resident Canada Goose population reduction efforts in the 5-mile radius around JFK. Efforts to reduce the resident Canada Goose population could include the use of lethal methods at Rulers Bar Hassock, Pennsylvania Avenue and Fountain Avenue Landfills in Gateway NRA. Egg oiling/addling/puncturing could also be used on Mute Swan nests in Gateway NRA.

*There are more than one species of blackbird and crow in the NYC area.

The mass murder is just one of the options, but it is a possibility. If you want to comment on the published plans, write to:

State Director
USDA APHIS Wildlife Services
1930 Route 9
Castleton, NY 12033-9653
Phone: (518) 477-4837
Fax: (518) 477-4899

Written comments can be sent to the above mailing address or sent by fax to the number listed. For full consideration in the final SEIS comments must be received by FEBRUARY 28, 2011. When faxing a comment, please include a mailing address. A copy should also be mailed to ensure that a complete version of the text is received.


Mayor Mike Bloombird said...

Uh Oh!

Anonymous said...

What the hell is going on here? There are dozens of incidents of mysterious animal deaths, including birds, all over the planet. What is the USDA thinking? W H Y ?

Knott A. Burdbrayne said...

I have a great idea. Let's build a garbage transfer station near the end of a runway. Yeah, that's the ticket!

Anonymous said...


A Better NYC said...

Slughtering certain species for saftey reasons doesn't have to be limited to just the animal kingdom.....does it?

Adolph Bloomhitler said...

I am flipping you der bird!

Anonymous said...

What is happening with Flushing Airpot?

Anonymous said...

catch em, cook em and eat them!

Two problems solved.

Anonymous said...

First it was Bloom-Hitler's edict of gassing geese.

Now does he plan on opening a Dachau for birds?

Sieg heil mein fuhrer!

What an insensitive Jew Mike turned out to be.

Perhaps sending him to a "relocation" camp in the cold Himalayas would chill his skinny ass out a bit and help return this aloof super rich despot back to humanity!

Anonymous said...

I hunt geese & ducks. They are delicious if cooked properly. Send 'em my way. Long live Israel! Death to the Palestinians! Long live my INCREDIBLE NYC teacher's pension. Big Hairy Balls is back from Christmas in the Holy Land. Enjoy the new year!

Big Hairy Balls said...

The last comment was posted by BHB!

Anonymous said...

Long live Israel! Death to the Palestinians! Long live my INCREDIBLE NYC teacher's pension. Big Hairy Balls is back from Christmas in the Holy Land. Enjoy the new year!

Flock you!

Mayor Mike said...

I'm boarding my jet and "winging" it to Bermuda. Hey suckers...enjoy the snow!!!

Anonymous said...

"USDA suggests expanding slaughter to other species"

Does that include certain snowbirds?

Anonymous said...

A rooster says cock a doodle doo.

Bloomturd says any cock'll do!