Saturday, January 29, 2011

Artist arrested for legally carrying knife

From the Daily News:

Manhattan artist John Copeland has carried a pocket knife since he was a boy.

That was until October, when the noted painter was busted on weapons possession charges for having an illegal gravity knife in his pocket as he walked home at about 3 p.m. along E. 3rd St.

A judge Wednesday tossed the charges - for which Copeland, 34, faced up to a year behind bars - after his lawyer explained to prosecutors he used it to cut canvases. Still, the artist is fuming.

An illegal gravity knife is a folding knife that can be opened, and locked open, with the flick of the wrist. Copeland said he once asked a detective if the knife he carried, a Benchmade Mini-Ambush, was legal.

"[He] tried to flip it open and wasn't able to," Copeland said.

Kuby said Copeland has no criminal history and didn't threaten to use it as a weapon but that cops descended on him after spotting what they thought was a knife in his front pants' pocket.


Joe said...

Hes just as stupid as the cop that didn't know the difference for having it in view.
Idiots who don't now how to handle and carry with weapons belong in jail
Weapons aren't supposed to be warn like bling because they become cop magnets.
I carry my Kalanikov on my ankle.

Why are all these new Kelly cops straight laced idiots ?

Anonymous said...

It's illegal,it has the little assisted opener button affixed to the blade. And you dont carry a knife with a half serrated blade to cut canvass,do you? At least it was a "made in the USA knife.

Joe said...

Crappy likely used a stock photo. The "Ambusch" is available with 3 different blades.
Straight, serrated and half serrated.

Queens Crapper said...

Is that better?

Anonymous said...

Assisted Opening Knives contain a spring blade that only cycles once the blade is pushed partially open with a thumb stud, past an internal "ball detent". This type of knife is very fast opening. But, since the knife appears to resist gravity or inertia, and requires thumb pressure to open manually, they are exempt from "gravity" classification.

overzealous cop said...

"Hey that a knife in your pocket....or are you just glad to see me"!

a gay blade said...

Hey...I've got a rather large one.

Do I have to risk being frisked each time some dopey gendarm spots it in my pants?

Now I'm certainly not going for reduction surgery just to pass muster with Ray Kelly.

I think he's into S&M anyway.

Anonymous said...

"the noted painter was busted on weapons possession charges for having an illegal gravity knife in his pocket as he walked home at about 3 p.m. along E. 3rd St."

What was the probable cause for searching him? How was that knife discovered? More illegal stop and frisks by the Irish/Italian CRIMINAL SYNDICATE operated and controlled by Raymond Walter Kelly.

Rest in peace to the constitution of the UNITED States of America.

Anonymous said...

This guy was arrested for committing a crime?
Where's the victim?
It can be used as a weapon?
So can a spoon, a pen, a plastic bare hands.
It's not entirely the cops fault but the fools issuing illegal orders like "Stop and Frisk" and they should be arrested.

Deke DaSilva said...

I carry my Kalanikov on my ankle.

What's a Kalanikov?

Do you mean a Kalashnikov by any chance?

How would you carry a Kalashnikov on your ankle?

Anonymous said...

Yes that's what I think he means and they sell knives, too.

Anonymous said...

civil rights lawyer and admitted leftist , was a pal of
CIVIL RIGHTS lawyer KUNTZLER. they defended the muslim killer of jewish defense league leader MEYER KAHANE ,on lexington avenue@ 49th street @ the marriot hotel site. the muslim killer also shot a postal inspector who challenged him that day.
the muslim killer was aquitted of the killing ,but guilty of shooting the federal postal inspector.
while in jail this muslim was found guilty of conspiracy to blow up the holland tunnel,the brooklyn bridge,and the downtown subway system. he may have had a part in the planning of the 1993 bombing of the W.T.C. i think his name was NOSIR.

ron kuby was the legal pal of kuntzler.

Joe said...

What's a Kalanikov?
A 100% legal (most of them) Chinatown spinoff of a of a Russian Army Kalashnikov tactile **KNIFE** shown here also available with different versions.

A Kaleshnikov is a rifle ...TOTALLY DIFFERENT ANIMAL

Joe said...

BTW: That scumbag Kuntzler went to JHS 93.
My music teacher Mrs.Fuchs remembered him. Kuntzler and all the German Ridgewood kids were at each others throats every day

Anonymous said...

No more Mr. Knife Guy!

Anonymous said...

Anon #3: if you haven't noticed,the nypd is 53% minority since the last class graduated the academy. Those cops won't arrest you. They'll just take what they want and send you on your way,like it's done in the old country.

Joe said...

***They'll just take what they want and send you on your way***

Yep, After 3 years My lawyer still cant my media card back after Kellys Dumbest bootjacked me for so called "professional photography" in Flushing Meadow park.
A 32 GIG Kingston 16X card was alot of $$ back then.
It wasn't evidence because (there was no case) but its been nothing but BS and red tape to get it back.

I think the PD sells the stuff (f*ck the law and property rights) and keeps the $$.

Anonymous said...

He should have held onto that knife he had as a kid.

Of course, the charges will be dropped because that's not a gravity knife.

The cop probably knew as well that it was a legal folding knife, but hey, it's an weapons arrest and it's near the end of the month, and I'm a few collars short

Anonymous said...

The knife could have been a tool of his trade. Artists use pallet knives.

I have a friend who was never without his icepick because the icepick was used to clean off electrical contacts in the antique radios he rebuilt.

Absolutely illegal. But some tools become part of you because you always use them and I can see someone absentmindedly tossing one into a pocket or a car.