Saturday, December 25, 2010

Wreath a victim of budget cuts

From the NY Post:

Bah! Humbug!

For as long as anyone can recall, a gigantic wreath adorned the Municipal Building across from City Hall each Christmas season.

Not this year.

Chalk up another victim of the city's severe financial crunch.

"Given the budget cuts announced in the fall, we could not justify the $3,500 expense," said Mark Daly, a spokesman for the Department of Citywide Administrative Services.

Officials said that the city used to order live greenery every year and that city workers would spend days assembling into a festive wreath that was 10 feet in diameter and weighed 2,000 pounds.

The cost of the raw materials consumed most of the expense, they said.

City officials might want to check the Web site of Christmas Tree for Me, which was offering 10-foot-diameter wreaths for $1,097, shipping included.

Photo from jenblossom on Flickr


Anonymous said...

Better they don't. When a city employee gets your money you get shafted. Imagine that, no money for a wreath but $800 million sunk on citytime and dozens of other frauds the media hasn't found out about.

Anonymous said...

No wreath but other symbols popping up elsewhere - it is another excuse to water down the Christian Christmas holiday until it goes away - it won't, rest assured.

ew-3 said...

"it is another excuse to water down the Christian Christmas holiday until it goes away"

Bulls Eye.

fiscus1 said...

The other day I noticed that the lions in front of the public library at 5 Avenue & 41 Street were also without their traditional wreaths.

Budget crunch, my ass. Cheap bastards is more like it.

Kris Krinkle said...

AS ye wreath, ye shall sow!

Anonymous said...

And Grand Central canceled its holiday light show because there were no sponsors this year.

Anonymous said...

Baffles me how the city threw the residents out of Cedar Grove Beach Club on Staten Island during the city's financial crisis. The residents upkept the beach and the grounds. They were stewards for the city. Now the land will lay dormant. They can't even afford a wreath!!!!

Anonymous said...

The war against Christmas continues. Oh, and the city thanks you for the sales tax revenues for all your Christmas shopping.