Thursday, December 30, 2010

How they built the Unisphere


georgetheatheist said...

This site is so-o-o educational.

Anonymous said...

Terrific video!!

The unisphere is a marvel and certainly a beautiful unique landmark that is equated only with Queens, not NYC.

There is the rub and why the unisphere is not maintained as other structures in Manhattan are or supported with $$ to make it a viable destination for tourism. Because it is a symbol of Queens and it's desporia of 190 nationalities it does not receive the fanfare from the city at all. If NYC would follow the lead say of Paris, where neighborhoods are sections we are boroughs which are governed by quasi-independent Presidents thus there is no unity rather than a single direction. Some may argue that the Mayor represents that single unity but always governs from Manhattan for which most of the spending occurs.

The Unisphere is sensational and majestic especially when the fountains for it are turned on and work in the summer. The problem could come when the structure is not properly maintained and including the surrounding infrastructure. In recent years the fountains which add a water effect that enhances the unisphere was shut down for the longest time which was very sad and telling how NYC will support this jewel going forward.

Anonymous said...

The above poster either doesn't --or doesn't want to know the facts.

Joe said...

The Unisphere also has lights that represent the major city on the continents.
They also give the mountains an amazing glowing 3D effect. I clearly remember this as a Kid.

The lazy city should hire an electrician with a bosons chair to replace the fixtures and wiring. I been up close with 2 of the techs who replaced the 2 fountain pumps this spring. Its all basic Edison base parts. All the screws are stainless steel so nothings seized (easy)

This amazing work of art structure should be on the wonder of the world list.