Friday, December 31, 2010

Kelty tells Bloomberg to duck

From the Daily News:

Gene Kelty, 56, was just a kid when the '69 storm hit. He lives in the same Whitestone house and remembers the locals throwing snowballs at Lindsay when the mayor finally appeared in Queens.

His advice if Bloomberg comes to the borough: Duck.

"If he comes to Queens, we would have thrown snowballs at him as well," Kelty said.

"Is the man oblivious?"

Photo from Times Ledger


Anonymous said...

No fear that Bloomberg is coming back to Middle Village anytime soon, just look around all of the side streets are in-passable. We now know which blocks and houses lose their value when the potential for snow storms hit. It's those that you cannot unclog your car to leave to go to work or go anywhere walking without struggling or if there is an emergency such as a fire or medical whom cannot reach your home to save you:( nor can the school bus pick up or drop off your child!

faster340 said...

He would probably get the DOI after this guy and have him arrested and jailed for throwing a snowball.

Anonymous said...

Is this the same Gene Kelty who kisses the Mayor's butt every time one of Bloomberg's neighborhood destroying projects comes before Community Board 7? So now we know, Kelty dislikes snow but loves greedy developers. Strange world!

Anonymous said...

Let's get real here; Bloombag is 68, he has three years left to serve. He'll never be up for office again, he's worth $15-16bn and doesn't live in Queens.

Lindsey was a Liberal Republican back when such was possible, he was up for re-election, was not rich (died essentially broke) and had a lot of militant unions to deal with.

He was a good man but a bit overwhelmed, not the cynical smartass we currently have. Nothing will happen to him.

Oh, and Kelty, hit that salad bar occasionally.

Anonymous said...

"Is the man oblivious?"

Pot calling the kelty er kettle black?

Anonymous said...


End of Days is near I fear.


Anonymous said...

Where is the outrage over all the union workers and supervisors that staged an intentional slowdown? Hypocrites.

Anonymous said...

What about Kelty's sidekick Apelian? He lives across the street from Liu, and no doubt that street was one of the firsts to be plowed.

Anonymous said...

Anon No. 7:

Let's get all the proof first, ok?

Anonymous said...

Would Kelty be able to duck if someone threw some snowballs back at him?

Malba Gardener said...

While there might be something to some sort of Union slowdown for there are too many similar stories of people seeing plows lifted. We must wait for the investigation which I am sure will show that if there was some sort of slow down it was not as widespread as the Mayor wants us to believe. Please be reminded that the drivers get orders from someplace, we need to find out what those order were and from whom they came.

We can not blame the workers just yet. Remember most of them live in the areas that were abandoned. Would they leave their families and neighbors in such a dangerous position?

Again I ask why is there a law on the books that allows the City Government the ability to either not negotiate at all, or not negotiate in good faith. Yet when a Union does any type of "Job Action" they are penalized to the point of destruction?

Also let us be reminded that the ultimate responsibility lays with the Mayor and his team, including OEM!. Especially in times of Emergency. Marty Markowitz said it best, when he said it is all their faults, all the elected officials, even those who have no immediate duties when it comes to snow removal. Well said, they are entrusted to represent the people and do for the people they represent.

I truly believe this is mostly a spin job to deflect the responsibility.

Although I do not agree with him on many issues, Councilman Halloran was once again on top of this Emergency, and kept his constituants informed, and his offices open till very late if not 24 -7. Thank you Councilman, for a job well done.


Anonymous said...

the public schools were closed for the holidays.....

many homeowners saw the d.o.s. employees skim the top of the side street snow with their plows ,still leaving us stranded. they videos should be proof enough of the "theft of services" crime done . fire them now.

call halloran's office if you have a tape , anon on a pay phone. you do not need any retaliation by the union goons.

the area observed is northern blvd to L.I.R.R. northbound at 10PM tue. nite. F lewis blvd to bell blvd.

a crime is a crime ,bloomberg or d.o.s.employees. who is guilty ???

Anonymous said...

For all you right-wing Union haters:

You really think things are gonna get better if the city starts having to pay private contractors 2x as much for emergency services?

And do you think the Mafia is NOT going to end up constituting most of these private contractors, and do you think these kinds of people are going to pay their workers fairly?

You people are either shills for the rich or complete idiots.

Anonymous said...

Is that a photo of Kelty or a Macy*s balloon?

Anonymous said...


I hope Kelty is ready to retire.

But Bloomberg might have his FDNY pension revoked for speaking treason against his "emperor"!

Ceiling on my head lady said...

I agree with Kelty. The exact same thing occurred to me. Bloomberg has overstayed the party and this is his Lindsay moment.

Anonymous said...

Keltys not kidding !
I know several people who put snowballs in the freezer for Mikes Memorial parade through Little Neck

Anonymous said...

is there a difference between the d.o.s.union baby killers who put the elderly in jeopardy and did not plow the streets properly ,and a mafia hit man?

Anonymous said...

I'd pack a lump of doggie poop in my snowball!

Horseshit is hard to find on the street these days...unless, of course, one enters the "halls of government" where it abounds.


That's how we think you're doin' Mayor Bum-berg!

Dee Truth said...

Hey Gene. Make your snowballs NOW! They're the only ones you'll ever have.

Anonymous said...

Snowballs? How lame! I'm throwing rotten tomatoes/fruit/vegetables WHATEVER!!! xD

Anonymous said...

You know I saw this post and was a little surpised about Kelty saying the right thing. Then after a few days I realize it does't matter what he says, he usually says things just to say them. No really expecting anything to be done about what he says. He is a full of shit huge peice of Crap.