Thursday, December 30, 2010

Reforming and fining public authorities

From the NY Post:

An Assembly committee says the agency that oversees more than 700 public authorities in New York needs statutory authority to impose fines on the quasi-public entities that fail to report their borrowing, bonus payments or other activities.

In a report Monday, the Committee on Corporations, Commissions and Authorities says more than 100 authorities are essentially defunct and hundreds more are duplicative and should be shuttered.

The report urges applying technical analysis and common sense, noting a recent “disturbing trend” by local governments in establishing not-for-profit organizations that assert they aren’t subject to the oversight.

Committee Chairman Richard Brodsky says reform under the Authorities Budget Office has begun.


Anonymous said...

Many of these so called public authorities are no more than legalized and institutionalized frauds against the taxpayer. I hope the day will come when people will get so upset that they will take the law into their own hand and hurt these scumbags.

Anonymous said...

They're politicians. They are born to steal. Vote them out every year and actually we can get along without most of them. Leave them in too long and you can never get rid of them. "One term" limits works for me.