Monday, December 27, 2010

It was Nazli's job to get mosque approval

From the NY Post:

Dozens of emails between Mayor Bloomberg’s aides and developers of the proposed mosque near Ground Zero show the mayor’s office has gone out of its way to support the controversial plan – with one of his commissioners going so far as to ghost write a letter to a community board leader on the mosque’s behalf.

In one exchange Nazli Parvizi, commissioner of the city’s Community Affairs Unit, penned a favorable letter to Community Board 1 Chairwoman Julie Menin -- thanking her for being open-minded to the project – which has drawn scrutiny nationwide for its proximity to Ground Zero.

Parvizi emailed the drafted letter to the mosque’s imam and his wife – Feisal Abdul Rauf and Daisy Khan – for their permission and ended it with Daisy’s first name.

She sent along the fax number and mailing address for CB1 – which voted in favor of the project in May – and offered any further help.

The letter thanked Menin personally for “giving us an audience to share our vision of the Cordoba Center in Manhattan,” referring to the planned project.

“We are incredibly saddened by the media distortion on what this project actually is and to whom it serves,” Pavizi went on to write.

Menin, a major proponent of the development, said she never received the letter.

Bloomberg has been a vocal fan of building the project – commonly referred to as Park 51 – near Ground Zero, decrying opponents as foes of religious freedom.

His spokesman Stu Loeser today said Parvizi’s job is “to help groups navigate city government, and from helping prepare for a Papal visit to extending approval of a Sukkah in a midtown Manhattan park, this kind of assistance is typical of its regular work.”

Nazli Parvizi only helps favored groups navigate city government. When it comes to Queens, she's more likely to throw up roadblocks than help. And she makes a 6-figure taxpayer funded salary for this.


Anonymous said...

the downtown mosque is a TROJAN HORSE.......

Roger said...

It's also not a mosque.

Queens Crapper said...

Actually, yes it is.

Anonymous said...

Bloomburg won't be happy until he completely destroys New York City. God knows how many other shady deals he's involved in. He doesn't care. He'll just move to Bermuda and live in his palatial estate. He's a little sneak and he needs to be stopped.

Anonymous said...

This is a ZERO issue. You are being played and distracted.

Just the way people were fooled by the "tea party" which was a front for right wing money coming from David Koch..(who wants it pronounced "coke" for some reason).

Wake up an live.

Anonymous said...

I can't stand this Mayor. Why is he not investigated? So arrogant he gets me sick! He and his staff should be thrown out on their a##es.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, the replacement for St. Nicholas Orthodox Church, destroyed by Muslim terrorists at 155 Cedar Street, a few yards from the World Trade Center is unbuilt. I wonder if Nazli is returning their calls?