Monday, December 27, 2010

Manhattan councilmember supports terrorist

From the Daily News:

A City Councilman Wednesday accused a colleague of pandering to a terrorist in a blistering email that evoked 9/11.

The flare-up started when Councilwoman Melissa Mark-Viverito (D-East Harlem) asked colleagues to support the upcoming parole hearing of Puerto Rican radical Oscar Lopez Rivera, a leader of the violent FALN.

Many of Rivera's fans consider him a political prisoner by supporters.

"Mr. Lopez was arrested in 1981 and is serving a sentence of 70 years for seditious conspiracy, for his commitment to the independence of Puerto Rico," Mark-Viverito wrote in an email to Council members Tuesday night.

Lopez Rivera's 29 years in prison is enough, Mark-Viverito wrote, adding: "He was not accused of causing harm or taking a life."

Queens Republican Dan Halloran went ballistic.

He said his "jaw hit the ground" when he read the note.

"I couldn't believe that somebody could seriously say that FALN was a non-violent organization," he said, noting its ties to a series of bombings in New York and Chicago.

He dashed off a skewering response that he copied to every member of the 51-person Council.

"This terrorist, like all terrorists, should rot in jail forever," he wrote. "It is only a shame the death penalty was not imposed to prevent him from becoming a threat in the future."

He added: "I guess the 9-11 bombers could make the same argument. They were merely responding to the 'evils' of the U.S. Will you be asking for them to be pardoned too?"


georgetheatheist said...

She'll probably want to name a street for him a la Sonny Carson . . . which then Queens Councilman Tony Avella supported.

Go Halloran.

georgetheatheist said...

DEMOCRAT Councilman Tony Avella.

Anonymous said...

which terrorist group in dec.27,1975 planted a bomb in the twa luggage lockers at lga terminal?

20-30 travelers were killed and 50 were injured.

faln or weather underground ?

the faln killed and maimed customers eating dinner at Fraunces Tavern at the battery also.

this cm should resign .she is stupid and a traitor.

Anonymous said...

She should be brought up on charges of treason...

I say we organize a protest outside her district office

Anonymous said...

Melissa Mark-Viverito

212 828-9800 (District Office: 105 East 116th Street NYC 10029)

212 788-6960 (Legislative Office: Suite 1882, 280 Broadway, NYC 10007)

Anonymous said...

Mellissa should run for Gov of PR - does she speak English yet? How old school can you get, there are more Mexicanos in East Harlem than PR who all moved to Suffolk County or Miami!

Anonymous said...

she'll probably get the support of Tony Avella and Charles Baron.

Anonymous said...

I say this as a Puerto Rican, she galls me. Disgusting

Velvethead said...

This is the caliber of people being elected by "citizens" of NYC. Hope is fruitless; as the parasites continue to multiply and indoctrination continues with public funds.

Malba Gardener said...

Our Councilman is 100%correct, this is a disgusting vile attack on us all as Americans.

Way to go Councilman Halloran.


Babs said...

unbelievable - below is what Wiki has to say about him (in part):

"He was among the 16 Puerto Rican nationalists offered conditional clemency by U.S. President Bill Clinton in 1999, but he rejected the offer to have his sentence reduced in exchange for a PROMISE NOT TO BE INVOLVED in Puerto Rico independence MILITANT activities again."

says it ALL . . .

Anonymous said...

I guess she forgot that the FALN planted a bomb at 1 Police Plaza 12/31/1982. 3 cops were seriously disfigured and nearly killed,their lives ruined,careers ended.Or she must be sucking some former radicals cock..........

Deke DaSilva said...

his commitment to the independence of Puerto Rico

These supposesd "radicals" don't really mean "independence" in the sense that you or I understand it.

Their idea of "independence" is:

1.) We Puerto Ricans govern ourselves as an independent country, yet still have the right as U.S. citizens to move to the United States.
2.) Message to "Whitey" - Keep sending us $$$ in the form of welfare and other social service payments. We also demand "reparations"! In the year 3987, we'll think about whether we want you to stop sending money to us.

If these Yahoos REALLY want TRUE independence for Puerto Rico, and they will conduct their affairs by themselves, and start wiping their own posteriors, I have no problemo with that!

Deke DaSilva said...

"He was among the 16 Puerto Rican nationalists offered conditional clemency by U.S. President Bill Clinton in 1999"

says it ALL . . .


A stopped clock is correct twice a day, and BABS! is also correct!

Indeed, that says it ALL!

Babs' fellow liberal traveler Bubba Clinton!

Fo shizzle!!

Anonymous said...

I say give them their independence, oh wait they dont want it. No more Welfare, Foodstamps, WIC etc... Hell no dehame aqui como estoi gracias.

Force independence on them and let them rot, if they make it good for them if not, asi es la vida.

Anonymous said...

I worked in the Mobil Oil Building on 42nd Street when a bomb went off in the Employment Office, killing one innocent man and hospitalizing others. This was one of Many terrorists attacks which the FALN claimed responsibilty for. Leave him in jail to rot and jail the Councilwoman along with him for being so stupid. Once he's freed he'll just kill again. He should have been executed a long time ago. Kudos to Halloran for being an American Patriot and looking out for us.

Anonymous said...

bubba clinton gave the faln terrorists a pardon and 95% of the nys hispanics voted his wife,hillary, into the U.S.Senate from n.y.s.

a carpetbagger from pa. and arkansas. a set up for the U.S.presidency.
he also pardoned the rabbi's who stole multimillions of U.S education funds for the orthodox jews in the catskills. the whole city voted for hillary..... a coincidence???

Anonymous said...

By the way, what was your response to James Buckley moving into this state to run for the same Senate seat that Hillary Clinton held.

Anonymous said...

did Buckley win the election by buying votes from the ethnic groups that the terrorists and religious thieves came from ?
as bubba clinton did for hillary, with his pardons .

i experienced the terrorists planting of bombs and many bomb scares in n.y.c.,in the 60's and 70's.
many victims died and were injured for life


Anonymous said...

Expressing an opinion is not treason. The traitors are those people who want to tear down what the United States Constitution stands for, like Freedom of Speech and who disrespect what the people who have fought to protect it have accomplished. Read it. You probably haven't.

I've experienced everything you have and stand by my opinions. I am proud to be an American.

Anonymous said...

defending the treasonous acts of a disbarred and impeached ,deviate,sick, so-called democrat progressive president ,is entertaining an opinion that is also sick.

you do not believe in the U.S. Constitution. you are a "master of deceit".

Anonymous said...

Isn't Dan Halloran the individual who was leading the vote to let immigrants vote for government in NYC??? I thought I read that in this blog???

Anonymous said...

Anon. No. 21:

A Repub Con like you couldn't define treason if you had a dictionary open right in front of you.

Oh, and by the way. Nice use of "Master of Deceit." It's about time that you found some other Repub cliches to work with.

Anonymous said...

sick democrat,liberal,progressives can not deal with the facts of an issue. they only demonize and give misinformation to detract from the topic being discussed.

government representatives releasing killer terrorists of American citizens ,from jail .

Anonymous said...

Non. No. 24

I've got to hand it to you. For all of the demonizing and name calling that you do you have a lot of guts to accuse people of demoninzing you.

Anonymous said...

Puerto Rico is a nation suffering under the occupation of the imperial USA. US troops in Fort Buchanan are no different than US troops in Iraq or Afghanistan. If the US wants its army in Puerto Rico, the FALN will come to the US and carry out armed actions. Only the Puerto Rican nation asserting himself will upset the status quo of this imperial domination. Free political prisoner Oscar Lopez Rivera!

Anonymous said...

faln armed action is blowing up n.y.c. diners and the Puerto-rican restaurant employees at Fraunces Tavern?

as well as innocent women ,children,and elderly travelers at lga terminal luggage carousels during the Christmas holiday in 1975.

your gang of faln terrorists are a bunch of cowards.

you also are a traitor to the U.S.A. go back to your homeland and crawl into your cave....

Anonymous said...

can someone seek an indictment of this puta for sedition or some violation of the Patriot Act?