Thursday, December 30, 2010

Every street plowed?

NYC: Every Street Now Plowed:

New York City's Sanitation Department says it has met its goal of plowing every street at least once.

Spokesman Keith Mellis says not every street has been taken down to blacktop but the roads were passable by the 7 a.m. Thursday, the time the agency said it would have them plowed.

Mellis says Thursday's goal is to "keep working on the streets."

He says the department also will position snow melters throughout the city to begin clearing the streets of large mounds of the plowed snow.

He says "we're actively plowing and hauling during the course of the day."

He says the agency received a few calls of missed streets and would investigate.

Ok, send in photos if you find one that's not plowed. I have a feeling there are a number of them.


Did Your Coucilman Vote for his 3rd Term? said...

Come on Crappy, lets bring up the campaign ads that city council ran to tell us that Bloomberg is the best thing since sliced bread.

Don't leave out the newspaper editorials pushing him too!

Maybe, for every community that is snowed under, you can also post
their district's vote for Bloomberg, and some nice nuggets from their local councilmember touting him, too.

If you don't drive the point home everyone would have forgotten this by the time the first crocus blooms.

Anonymous said...

how is bike traffic?

are bike lane laws being enforced?

Queens Crapper said...

Funny you should mention that...

Psycho cycle policy

georgetheatheist said...

Open Letter to Dan Halloran, NYC Councilman

Dan, we understand that sanitation workers came to see you with their tales of deliberate work slowdown and stoppage. (Sabotage?)

It is totally understandable that they do not wish to be identified.

Is it possible for you to re-assemble this group in your office and have them relate their information WITH THEIR BACKS TO THE CAMERAS, DISGUISED, AND/OR VOICES ALTERED?

Their stories must be brought into the public arena.

They would be performing a distinct public service in this time of municipal crisis.


Anonymous said...

who should we call crappy if they are not plowed and cant get to our street the plowed my street but the turn u have to make to get to the road is where they dumped all the snow a huge mountian and u cant get to the street. its where 64th st and 63rd st merge. u cab leave the block bt just cant get back home . go figure

Anonymous said...

Where is Vallone? Hiding like he did in the Blackout?

I want to see the ads where he was touting Bloomberg.

Of course the morons in Ditmarsland will support him (and believe anything he says) no matter what.

Anonymous said...

What friggin' plowing? Some 2 way streets still have only one lane. Very dangerous. I smell a Bloomfart!

ew-3 said...

So who runs the sanitation department?
The city or the union?

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

although the buck stops at the mayor's desk(circa harry truman),the municipal union employees(who control the taxpayers and democrat politicians) have to be questioned under oath, as to whether they conspired to cause chaos in this snow storm .
the snowfall was not our deepest in past years in n.y.c.

a repeat of the john lindsay vs. mike quill ,MTA union leftest battle for taxpayer paid salaries and pension/health benefits in the 1960's.
that ripoff is "chickens coming home to roost",in 2010.

Anonymous said...

Well, hell , if we could believe wet-behind-the-ear Albany hacks poking fun at absestos clad Con Ed workers crawling around 100 degree manholes trying to get the lights on during the blackout (which was caused by illegal conversions and overdevelopment as the brighter ones on the block recognize) we can certainly blame the sanitation workers for this snow problem.

Afterall, our politicans, like that little pistol in N Korea are prefect. If they were not, we would not elect them to 80% victories like we did Rangel.

Queens Crapper said...

I like how certain pols are playing dumb about the plowing budget getting cut. They were the ones that approved the budget. $26M less for plowing and they don't know why this happened?

Anonymous said...

I see more union men cleaning the streets than city council people out talking to the people.

Just as well - now we know they will all sing the same song - blame the working man.

Anonymous said...

Where's Liz Crowley when all of this is happening? Does she know what's going on at all around her?

Did she tour Maspeth?

Anonymous said...

Hold the Council just as responsible as Bloomy. He proposes a budget. They approve it. Every dollar of their discretionary dollars should be put toward NYPD, FDNY, EMS, & DSNY if they are actually serious about protecting core services in difficult budget times.

Anonymous said...

All your taxes went to the developers and the gutted everything to sustain an artifical real estate boom while the rest of the country tanked.

Schools, hosipitals, sanitation - every service is gutted. Wait till next year.

Anonymous said...

Where's Liz Crowley when all of this is happening? Does she know what's going on at all around her?

Did she tour Maspeth?


Has ANYONE seen ANY of our city councilmen ANYWHERE?

Anonymous said...

We can only hope that a huge plow came by and covered them in a giant drift of snow, garbage and dogshit. See ya in the Spring!

Babs said...

Did you see the live interview with Bloomberg today? I was hoping someone would've asked him if he thought the $80 mill that was stolen from the City recently for the stupid time tracking system ripoff prevented the City from handling the snow removal mess.

Anonymous said...

Keep on union bashing you new Republican transplants in this fucking sorry assed city.

One day soon you will ALL BE looking for work and begging for a real job but too incompetent and weak to hold a REAL UNION JOB.

Let's see you crawl down holes and fix the failing power grid because you're fucking corrupt politicians that you come here to re-elect let overdevelopment run rampant and destroy this city for financial gain.

You couldn't hold a real job that doesn't push paper around all day and raid people's 401k's for greed in a million years.

Asshole motherfuckers!

georgetheatheist said...

Union! Union! Union!

Younyun! Younyun! Younyun!

Hughyan! Hughyan! Hughyan!


(I need a glass of water. I'm all hoarse.)

Anonymous said...

All the comments on all the snow stories posted since Monday, and I don't see anything about this. Now that the streets are starting to open a bit, why are there cars parked in the travel lanes of some of the main thoroughfares. They're outside of the snow banks, so clearly they did not get stuck there after the snow fall. Specifically (and I'm sure in other places too) I see cars blocking Union Tpke around 150th thru Parsons & 164 on the eastbound side. Also, GCP westbound service road near Queens Hosp. - like from 168 to Parsons. These 2 lane roads are down to 1 1/2.
Who's supposed to tow those cars? Is it worth making a call to 311?

Anonymous said...

While there might be something to some sort of Union slowdown for there are too many similar stories of people seeing plows lifted. We must wait for the investigation which I am sure will show that if there was some sort of slow down it was not as widespread as the Mayor wants us to believe. Please be reminded that the drivers get orders from someplace, we need to find out what those order were and from whom they came.

We can not blame the workers just yet. Remember most of them live in the areas that were abandoned. Would they leave their families and neighbors in such a dangerous position?

Again I ask why is there a law on the books that allows the City Government the ability to either not negotiate at all, or not negotiate in good faith. Yet when a Union does any type of "Job Action" they are penalized to the point of destruction?

Also let us be reminded that the ultimate responsibility lays with the Mayor and his team, including OEM!. Especially in times of Emergency. Marty Markowitz said it best, when he said it is all their faults, all the elected officials, even those who have no immediate duties when it comes to snow removal. Well said, they are entrusted to represent the people and do for the people they represent.

I truly believe this is mostly a spin job to deflect the responsibility.

Although I do not agree with him on many issues, Councilman Halloran was once again on top of this Emergency, and kept his constituants informed, and his offices open till very late if not 24 -7. Thank you Councilman, for a job well done.