Friday, December 17, 2010

JFK bomb plotter gets life in prison

From the NY Post:

A judge [Wednesday] sentenced a former member of Guyana’s parliament to life in prison for plotting to blow up fuel tanks at Kennedy Airport.

Abdul Kadir received the sentence in federal court in Brooklyn.

Kadir and another former JFK cargo handler Russell Defreitas were convicted earlier this year on multiple conspiracy charges.

FBI agents arrested them in 2007 after an informant infiltrated the terror plot and recorded them discussing it. Prosecutors said the men wanted to outdo the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks and sought the help of militant Muslims, including an al-Qaida operative, in Guyana.

Kadir told the judge on Wednesday that he was a peace-loving man who never wanted to harm Americans.

Sentencing for DeFreitas is set for Jan. 21.

With AP


Anonymous said...

Send him and deport his entire family back to Guyana. That's worse than death!

Anonymous said...

Let the Guyanese people deal with this piece of shit. I hope they deport him so he can be hacked to death in the streets. Something he deserves.