Friday, December 17, 2010

Top Dems collude to line Parkside's pockets

From City Hall:

According to the terms of a contract kept secret during the campaign, the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee was prepared to sign over a full 80 percent of all money spent on political mailers, radio commercials and robo-calls for the 2010 campaign cycle to one firm: the Parkside Group.

Stunning several people involved and a number of outside campaign operatives, the contract—which was ultimately discarded amid internal disagreements about spending decisions—guaranteed that this massive percentage of campaign business was required of both the DSCC and all money transferred to individual campaigns by the DSCC. And it almost went even further: the original draft of the contract limited firms other than Parkside to 10 percent of mailers, radio commercials and robo-calls—in other words, guaranteeing the firm 90 percent of this business for the DSCC and candidates it was supporting.

The contract also contained a clause triggering repercussions: if any of the candidates running with the DSCC’s support had used another firm for mailers, radio ads or robo-calls, “the DSCC shall retain the Parkside Group to provide any television media buys made by the DSCC, or the supported candidate or political committee, in that district.”

The contract was signed by DSCC executive director Josh Cherwin after being vetted by the law firm of [Melinda Katz employer] Greenberg Traurig and emailed to Democratic Conference Leader John Sampson’s top aide Paul Rivera, apparently without the prior knowledge or approval of several key members, including DSCC chair Jeff Klein. However, when the contract was presented, there was such resistance that it was never ultimately acted on, and the DSCC instead contracted with a more diverse array of consultants for the remainder of the election season. This included shifting polling and several mail contracts to other firms.

The DSCC’s relationship with the Parkside Group has grown increasingly close over the course of the past year. Sampson was making fundraising calls out of Parkside's offices as far back as January. And though the firm was paid officially only as a vendor, Harry Giannoulis and Evan Stavisky, the two principals of the firm, were involved in internal planning and decisions with the DSCC and conducting polls which helped determine which races the Democrats would prioritize in terms of financial resources going into the November elections. This culminated in a two-week trip Giannoulis and Rivera took over the summer to visit various campaigns and candidates, followed by a memo they wrote and presented to the Democratic leadership in August about where to allocate resources.

Giannoulis, who was the one to sign the contract for Parkside, disputed that there was anything unusual either about Parkside’s contract or with the level of involvement he and Stavisky had with the DSCC.

In 2010 alone, the DSCC reported paying Parkside $2.2 million so far during a cycle that the campaign committee finished the cycle $2.4 million in debt while losing the majority. Parkside also billed a total of $500,000 to the individual campaigns of Democratic candidates David Carlucci, Tony Avella, Toby Stavisky, Andrea Stewart-Cousins, José Peralta, Mike Gianaris and Mike Kaplowitz. This does not include the nearly $200,000 the firm billed Peralta for working on his special election campaign in the spring, nor the $150,000 billed to State Sen. Bill Perkins for his primary campaign.

That amount would not include money which may have been spent out of the DSCC’s housekeeping account, as that committee does not have to file a report until January.

The firm also has a lobbying practice that deals extensively with state government.

Check out this mailer that was sent out during the Democratic primary pointing out Toby Stavisky's blatant conflict-of-interest:


Anonymous said...

Why aren't the Feds investigating mother and son?
Will DA Brown investigate them?

Anonymous said...

Could someone PLEASE investigate Moby Stavisky's donations of over half a million dollars to the North Flushing Senior Center? Just sayin'...

Queen Claire said...

You're not gonna tattle on me, are you? I got mine many times over...and I'm not running for office. Nyahahahahahaha!

Anonymous said...

I remember that Sasson flyer. I was one of the 7 voters who wrote-in his name in November. Don't give up, Isaac!

Anonymous said...


Thar she blows!


georgetheatheist said...

Wow! Now that's why we read Queens Crap. Grist for the evergrinding mill. A journalist's treasure trove of hot leads.

Go get'em Greg Mocker.

Dee Truth said...

Will the NY Mets throw another benefit event to raise funds for a legal defense for the next batch of crooks?

Who says crime doesn't pay?

Gary the Agnostic said...

Hey Crapper --

Maybe it's my computer, but the attachment isn't showing up.

Pan Tee said...

When asked what type of undergarments she wears, Toby was heard to say...DEPENDS!

Evan said...

When asked what type of undergarments she wears, Toby was heard to say...DEPENDS!

Me too, especially if the Feds investigate!

Anonymous said...

Well, there you have it!

Why not put "Parkside" on the ballot and be done with all the bullshit?

They always come out the winners regardless of which candidate actually wins or loses the election!

And as far as Evan "the terrible 2's" is concerned....he goes to the bank with $$$$$$ in his fat wallet.

That nasty welp brat boy doesn't have the "winning" (LOL) personality to be a front runner in any real open he sticks to the back room of the Stavisky counting house (a la Scrooge & Marley) and mounts his lobby group's fortunes.

"Merry X-mas Evan....BAH, HUMBUG to the Dem political clubhouse machine"!

It's time for the feds to harpoon the great Moby!

Anonymous said...

Now watch "phony Tony" Avella hold tight to Toby Stavisky's skirt in Albany while he pays off the sizable debt he owes to Parkside.

The ASS-emblyman with his nose up Moby's ass:

"I vote yes along with my esteemed senator".


"Good boy, Tony...I'll speak to my son about reducing the amount you owe his lobby firm".

Moby Avella said...

Now watch "phony Tony" Avella hold tight to Toby Stavisky's skirt in Albany while he pays off the sizable debt he owes to Parkside.

And don't you forget it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

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