Saturday, December 18, 2010

Karla looking to cash in

From the Daily News:

Hiram Monserrate's girlfriend is suing prosecutors, cops and hospital staffers for $35 million for conspiring to falsely charge the ex-pol with slashing her.

Karla Giraldo's complaint in Brooklyn Federal Court repeats the story she gave on the witness stand at Monserrate's trial last year, insisting the injury was a freak accident.

She paints a picture of a massive conspiracy aimed at framing her lover because he was a state senator at the time.

"All of the defendants conspired among each other and with each other to unlawfully detain and prevent plaintiff from leaving the hospital . . . until she would falsely accuse her boyfriend of assaulting her," the complaint states.

Monserrate, 43, is not identified by name. He was acquitted of felony charges, but convicted of misdemeanor assault against Giraldo, 31, for violently dragging her through his building lobby.

The narrative in the 24-page complaint begins with Giraldo's claim that she was "accidentally injured while being brought a glass of water" by her boyfriend and was cut by flying glass when it broke.

She claims he "transported" her to the Long Island Jewish Medical Center emergency room. A video showed Monserrate pulling Giraldo down the stairs of his apartment building.

While the gash in her face was being stitched, hospital workers pressured her to say Monserrate intentionally injured her during an altercation, she claims.

The suit also contends city detectives badgered her into making false statements against Monserrate, telling her he had other girlfriends and that his wife was at the stationhouse.

In what appears to be a new allegation, the suit claims NYPD Detective Stephen Vessa, who worked with Monserrate when he was a cop, told Giraldo "they're trying to flip you."


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Anonymous said...

see you next tuesday

Anonymous said...

I guess her loser boyfriend can't make enough money to support her so she is going after the city's money. I hope they toss her case out of court as well as her sorry ass!

-Joe said...

Ship her ass back to Columbia where all the men beat and rape their woman. That will perhaps give her something to cry about.
How can she sue the city, Is this woman even a US citizen or in the country legally ?

Deke DaSilva said...

Giraldo - who resumed her romance with Monserrate after his conviction - is seeking millions for emotional injuries, pain and suffering, humiliation and embarrassment.

She's suing prosecutors, cops, and hospital staffers for all that stuff?

That brings new meaning to the expression cutting off your nose to spite your face!

Or better yet - cutting your face with a glass in order to spite your face!!!

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Anonymous said...

I like how this shows up here and everyone bashes this woman again while the Heidi Jones story doesn't even blip. How yeah I forgot Ms. Jones is a white woman who was "attacked" by a hispanic man; lets giver her the benefit of doubt. May be then an "illegal" could found that maybe did "assault" her.

Queens Crapper said...

Maybe if Heidi Jones was a story that had something to do with Queens it would have been covered here.

Anonymous said...

So when DA Brown went after Hiram, that was good, because we don't like Hiram. But when DA Brown let Gallagher off the hook, that was bad, because we don't like Gallagher.

I'm not buying the "I fell with a glass in my hand defense" but I can tell you that if Hiram was not a state senator, and Karla wanted to drop the charges, the DA would have dropped the charges.

Anonymous said...

This has Monster-rat's fingerprints all over it!

Anonymous said...

She's a scammer just like her boyfriend. Just review the surveillance tape when he was dragging her out of their apartment house against her will. That's enough proof for me. They are both losers and deserve each other. Don't give her a dime. Toss the case out and deport her.

Anonymous said...

Now that fat boy is out of work, she has to find a way to keep herself in designer sunglasses.

When this suit is tossed, I hope they send her a bill for wasting everyone's time.

Esmerelda Espada said...

What proof do they have that he did not trip when bringing her water?

He says that's what happened, she says that's what happened.

Who are these prosecuters to say that's not what happened?

Deke DaSilva said...

How yeah I forgot Ms. Jones is a white woman who was "attacked" by a hispanic man

Yes, and I'm sure you were distraught for months when O.J. Simpson killed his white wife.

Esmerelda Espada said...
What proof do they have that he did not trip when bringing her water?

Another loser who probably believes in UFOs and Area 51, "9-11 Was an Inside Job", and O.J. Simpson was innocent.

Anonymous said...

O.J. Simpson

I love the Simpsons. Doh! Krusty rocks!

Apu Nahasapeemapetilon said...

I love the Simpsons.

Yeah. Me too. Remember the episode "Tales from the Parkside"? Isn't Karla one of Marge's sisters?

Anonymous said...

Half of the stuff that shows up here does not concern Queens.

Queens Crapper said...

Heidi Jones was arrested for filing a false complaint. In Manhattan. This has nothing to do with the theme of this blog. She is getting her just deserts in the press and at work. I don't understand why I need to post it on this blog because it will make you feel like some sort of justice has been served.

Karla Giraldo was slashed by Hiram Monseratte, then claimed she wasn't, now is trying to cash in on the whole thing. While her boyfriend is under indictment. For offenses he committed while council member In Queens. Now THIS is fodder for the blog.

Queens Waiter said...

Amazing how the press and cops leave out this happened after that booze and cocaine fueled democrat fundraiser for Carolyn Kennedy at the Queens and Museum Hall of Science.
IMHO Both were boozed & coked of of their minds. That's why they took a long trip to Nassau county.
The 6 pct The Manhasset cops 1 block from the hospital knew this buy interviewing both of them however it fell on deaf ears with NYC. Didn't Rat refuse a breathalyzer ?
Illegal aliens, booze, Late night rides and Kennedy's are fish to water.
Could it be Karla was partying and cutting coke with somebody guys credit card in some 'backroom" at the museum.
Could it be Rat flipped out when Ms.Karla cut some "lines" with man #2's card back at the condo ?
Both these 3rd world animals belong in jail or deported

Anonymous said...

This is going nowhere. Each defendant would be able to depose Hiram and Karla individually for case to proceed. With the Elmhurst ER less than a minute away (on foot) from where this assault, er, accident, happened, why did HM drive past six nearer hospitals to LIJ? If this was a conspiracy, he must have been in on it as well.

Anonymous said...

Why did HM drive past six nearer hospitals to LIJ ?

They were likely both drunk skunks who needed time to suck on some mints clean up (as an ex cop Hiram knew what to do)
It was North Shore University Hospital on Community Drive (not LIJ)
This had to be an inside job with somebody pulling some strings

Anonymous said...

Karla, the typical stupid, I don't speak english so good tiny girl with the cartoonish big ass and 99c gucci glasses.

She is warped by her beater and psychotically drawn to him by his abusive ways. Now she is looking for elusive big bucks from you the tax payer. INS - check her residency status, please.

Hiram Rat said...

Karla's butts getting a little loose with age so porn no longer pay's.
The below link is NC-17:

Anonymous said...

-Joe, she is not colombian, she is ecuadorian ( big difference).She is one of those women who would like to be colombian or look like.