Monday, January 11, 2010

Pols in favor of body scanning

From the Times Ledger:

City Councilman James Sanders (D-Laurelton), whose district includes JFK, said he used to be opposed to the full-body image scanners used at some airports in the country because of the devices’ invasion of privacy. But after a suspected al Qaeda terrorist nearly detonated a plastic bomb hidden in his underwear on a Northwest Airlines flight from Africa to Detroit last month, the councilman said his reservations may be moot.

“I think we don’t have a choice. The terrorists have already shown that they are probing us and New York is already target No. 1,” he said.

Sanders, a former Marine who tested military equipment, said he was concerned about privacy issues but said future upgrades and reassurances from the federal government could alleviate concerns.

“We still have things to work out. We have to find a way where they are not intrusive,” he said.

Other elected officials have joined in support of the machines and called for tighter security around the world’s airports.

The office of U.S. Rep. Joseph Crowley (D-Astoria) said the congressman supports the devices and any upgrades to area airports.


Anonymous said...

It's not about safety, it's about control and lining a few pockets.

Someone is getting paid on this. These things have been in the pipeline for months, all that was needed was an incident to push them thru.
The "terrorist" that caused the hype for body scanners wasn't body scanned. The scanners wouldn't have detected the firecracker in his pants and they have been proven to be ineffectual in detecting similiar things. They do allow the upstanding TSA employees to get a great view of your naked body. Please, rush to the airport and put your wife and kids thru. Not concerned with privacy? Well then enjoy the overdose of radiation. Don't have cancer yet? You will! Stop these horrible devices now! Don't say we didn't warn you sheeple.

Anonymous said...

These things put out near nothing in X-Ray radation. The trick is in the receiving imaging

Airport Rapiscan = 3 microrems
Tooth X-ray 4 micrograms
Chest X-Ray 12,000 micrograms

Anonymous said...

Anonymous #2

Do you work for Rapiscan?
What about the poor screeners exposed to the scanner all day?

I've seen news releases that state Mercury is good for developing brains in children and that cell phone radiation is good for the brain too. Believe what you will.
There is no safe dose of radiation.
Just like there is no safe cigarette.
The millimeter wave scanners emit a wavelength of ten to one millimeter called a millimeter wave, these waves are considered Extremely High Frequency (EHF), the highest radio frequency wave produced. EHF runs a range of frequencies from 30 to 300 gigahertz, they are also abbreviated mmW. These waves are also known as tetrahertz (THz) radiation. The force generated from tetrahertz waves is small but the waves can ‘unzip’ or tear apart double-stranded DNA, creating bubbles in the DNA that could interfere with processes such as gene expression and DNA replication.

Here's a nice "trick", reverse the polarity on those received images and you got some good porn. I guess if you're fat and ugly this doesn't concern you because you won't be "randomly" chosen for viewing pleasure.
Do a little search on how England is looking to change its child porn laws special for these scanners. That'll happen here as well.

Pols in favor of body scanning = someone is getting paid off.
Oh, and coming soon, for your safety, mobile scanning trucks/vans which will be able to detect your head in the sand.

There's also an Amendmant to the Constitution prohibiting this, go read the first ten and find out which one.

Anonymous said...

Rapiscan? As in Rapey Scan?
Awesome name, I want one.

Anonymous said...

ackerman and nussbaum bought 5000 shares today.

Anonymous said...

Currently working on exposing and deposing Ackerman, please link any documentation if you can.

Anonymous said...

The office of U.S. Rep. Joseph Crowley is actually alive and responding - how about Joe is he awake yet? Duh, who me??

I guess he is gearing up for the Pres - State of the Union - where at the end he leaps over 3 aisles, knocks down a senior citizen to plant himself in front of the President for an autograph! He did this with Pres. Bush and it was the most brazen thing you ever saw.

Now if only Crowley used the same intensity toward issues that voters in his district care about instead of worrying himself we would be better off today - were not.

Anonymous said...

Whatever. Profit scam blah blah blah. The bottom line is that we cannot have these animals getting on planes with bombs. Scan away, and body cavity search the suspicious ones.

eliot engel said...

Crowley's not getting past me.

me said...

Let us get to the root of the problem here:

Wanna end "terrorism??"

Get da fuk out of the foreign countries. Cut military and economic aid to Israel, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia. Seems pretty easy to me. Israel alone receives over $ 5 billion a year from U.S. tax payers. I would like to see that money invested here.

Klink Cannoli said...

Anon wrote:
"There is no safe dose of radiation.
Just like there is no safe cigarette."

That's junk science and a careless, paranoid repeat of something you don't understand. You need to stop relying on Wikipedia as a source of credible information. It's not good for your mental health.

Terahertz photons are a natural part of our environment. There are scientific studies in both directions substantiating claims of harmless versus damaging. Alexandrov's recent Terahertz/DNA breathing study you quote was based on a model rather than actual source materials being tested. No empirical data collected. Whenever there are conflicting studies, or studies using models, you can be sure of one thing. Scientists just don't know or understand. And more than likely there could be a political agenda attached to such "research." A theory is just a theory until you can justify it repeatedly and consistently with empirical data. Just like anthropogenic climate change theory.

And get off your Constitution high horse.

Klink Cannoli said...

Salvatore wrote:
"Let us get to the root of the problem here:
Get da fuk out of the foreign countries."

Come now, Salvatore. There's just so much compassion I can afford you for being brainwashed by your NYU Bolshevik compatriots. You very well know what is at the root of the problem. Islam.

Newtown Pentacle said...

Surgical Anesthetics will become mandatory before boarding, airlines can stack you in like cordwood that way. No more complaints about being stuck on the runway, and suspending your animation is the only way to be "sure".

Anonymous said...

did nicola tesla,naturlized American/Serbian work on
x-ray science? along with the radio,and alternating current. that is what generates the electricity for your

did your science teacher "ever" mention his name?i never was informed about this genius.

see: wikipedia

Anonymous said...

RE: anon #5 comment.

only a jest.i had no knowledge of the "daily News" expose today.

but never the less,i could be psychic ?

me said...

Klink Cannoli:

I am no longer a student of NYU as I have graduated. I will begin graduate work at Hunter school of social work. Islam is not the problem. The problem is radical Islam which was conjured up by the U.S. government in order to counter the soviet "threat." Hamas is Palestine was created and support by Israel and Washington in order to crush the more leftist leaning PLO. This is all pretty simple. Remember, Osama worked for the C.I.A. - let us not forget.

me said...

*Hamas in Palestine
(I know how people get when they have no argument... they will go after misspellings lol)

Hamas is a Creation of Mossad
by Hassane Zerouky
Centre for Research on Globalisation

Nussie & Pinky said...

Yeah...slurp...drool...let's scan those bodies and see what's underneath.

Pop...there goes my weasel...
need a new pair of shoes now.

Anonymous said...

enlist in the U.S.military. begin to defend your homeland. gain real time experience in your young life. it will mature your mind.

then return,work in the private sector and support your family and pay taxes .

hopefully the socialist,progressives will have been made a minority in the U.S. government,by then.

also watch, STOSSEL,FOX BUSINESS NETWORK,CH 117,Thur. 8PM, topic:ATLAS SHRUGGED... CAPITALISM vs Government control.

me said...

enlist in the U.S.military. begin to defend your homeland. gain real time experience in your young life. it will mature your mind.

then return,work in the private sector and support your family and pay taxes .

hopefully the socialist,progressives will have been made a minority in the U.S. government,by then.

also watch, STOSSEL,FOX BUSINESS NETWORK,CH 117,Thur. 8PM, topic:ATLAS SHRUGGED... CAPITALISM vs Government control."

That is funny... the private sector is the same sector that sends AMERICAN JOBS to the third world to make profit leaving AMERICANS JOBLESS (NAFTA is a prime example). I think this is called outsourcing in business terms. How is that for "protecting your homeland."

Socialists in government?? lol... I am sorry to tell you but democrats/liberals are not socialists. They are actually closer to mainstream republicans than socialists. That is how off your political spectrum has become. So please do tell who are the "socialists" in government so I can vote for them. Capitalism vs government? LOL ohhhh you mean how the GOVERNMENT saved the major corporations? lol, you cause laughter...

Marxists and real conservatives are quite similar in terms of social issues (marxists are against gay marriage, we are for a strong family structure, traditional education, etc... the only difference is the economic route.)

Fox news? I think Palin was just hired today as a "journalist." Yeah... the one who can see Russia from her house lol way to go fool!

Anonymous said...

When asked about the potential of seeing genitals using this technology, John Liu commented, "No big thing!"

Anonymous said...

i saw on the news this machine does not let out radation at all and they don't save any images. it's so they can see if anyone has something straped under their clothes. oh and the question was asked if someone swallowed something would it show and it wouldn't. the bastards will start consuming shit or shoving crap up their ass, to blow us up in air. i have no problem going through the machine if it means saving our lives.. but what will the nuts do next??

Klink Cannoli said...

Salvatore wrote:
"Islam is not the problem. The problem is radical Islam which was conjured up by the U.S. government in order to counter the soviet "threat."

What is radical Islam?
Hint: The question is a canard.
Islam is Islam. It is neither radical nor moderate. Heed the recent words of the Prime Minister of Turkey, Tayyip Erdogan. His objection to the term moderate Islam as spoken by President Obama. "Turkey has never been a country to represent such a concept. Moreover, Islam cannot be classified as moderate or not."

Only a mild study of the Quran, Sunna, its exegesis and a bit of history should be sufficient to reveal "the problem." Try it, you'll like it. Enlarge your scope beyond the 20th century. Any true understanding demands it. Start a few centuries before the fall of the Roman Empire and continue through to Mohammed and the birth of his religion. Follow the Caliphates through time and conquests. Observe how the Islamic ideology played its role through civilizations. In politics, science, art and economics. Notice the few periods where aspects of Islam were softened to become more tolerant and how it was easily squashed by the orthodoxy. Why? The orthodoxy is successful and strengthened by the inherences of the doctrine itself. It's self sustaining through an open ended command to dominate the world and befall its subjects to Allah. There is no room for reformation as the word is static and explicitly stated. This is the real problem. Burying our heads in the sand doesn't make it go away. Neither will acquiescing to perceived Islamic injustices brought about by imperialism, capitalism, or the spoils of war (British Mandate).

Anonymous said...


if the U.S government had ever planned to leave the Middle East, it is too late now .once the Islamo-fascist
terrorists declared war on this Nation,the patriots had to kill them . sneak attacks on the U.S. mainland are not tolerated by freedom loving people,unless your name is Bubba, (i need a lewinsky) Clinton. have you forgotten the 1993 bombing of the W.T.C ? Clinton ignored the Al Qaeda/Yemen bombing of the U.S.S.Cole,killing 17 American sailors. his appointed ambassador forced F.B.I. team leader,John P. O'neil and his heavily armed teams to leave Yemen at once.see:"the man who warned America" by Murray Weiss.

if you have a family,you will want to protect their lives. this is the most important duty of an American citizen and the federal government.

relaying taxpayers earnings to many of our Nation's
freeloaders should be secondary.

history proves that most European and Asian citizens could not wait for the American patriot troops to fight for their family's freedom. see: W.W.ll, Korean War,Gulf War,(Kuwait),etc,etc.

until you have been occupied by invaders and imprisoned ,you can not really appreciate your freedom.