Friday, June 20, 2008

A stinky proposition

A plan to open a meat market that would slaughter animals on site - including goats, lambs, ducks and chickens - has its St.Albans neighbors crying foul.

"This is not something that we need. There are a lot of kids, and you have to worry about bacteria or a flu coming from these animals," said Antoinette Grant, whose home sits just behind the planned site of R & B Live Poultry Market on Farmers Blvd.

St. Albans tries to kill live meat market

The smell is awesome as well. Just think what this would do to property values! [Flashback to "Which Came First, the Chicken or the Crap?"]

Come on, it's places like this that add an extra special vibrancy to Queens. If we don't allow this kind of thing in the middle of a residential area, then where will the 6 o'clock news get footage of yet another cow getting loose, running down the street and being captured by the NYPD? How will the Queens Zoo manage to look heroic without stray "almost dinner" to take in?


Anonymous said...

Queens! Exciting! Vibrant! Diverse! Immigrant! Democrat! Machine!

Anonymous said...

I like my meat dead. Someone's got to make it dead somewhere.

Why not put it in Flushing? It stinks like hot trash there already and they've got the market cornered on infectious diseases. Win, win!

Anonymous said...

Great. More multicultural 3 world garbage.
Just like the streets of Central America and the West Indies.
Animal parts, heads, hoofs intestines, E-Coli all over the place. They flys and rats spread the germs for 100's of miles. Most Americans have little resisdance to 3rd world germs.

Had any Central American tomatos lately?

People from 3rd world cesspools demand fresh killed meat because there is no refrigeration.

There is no reason to do this here !!

Anonymous said...


Two tweeded groups fighting each other.

My money is on the slaughterhouse -the black population in NYC is declining and the clubhouse always votes with its future.