Wednesday, June 25, 2008

So many DOB articles, so little time

City's construction horrors spur feds:

Federal safety watchdogs kicked off a two-week crackdown Monday on high-risk building sites after construction accidents claimed 20 lives in New York this year.

New Safety Policy for Construction Cranes

During Congressional testimony in Washington, the acting commissioner of the city’s Department of Buildings, Robert D. LiMandri, announced an overhaul of crane safety policies in response to two fatal crane accidents in New York City.

Audit Says Buildings Dept. Failed to Fix Hazards

On Tuesday, City Comptroller William C. Thompson Jr. released an audit finding that the department has repeatedly failed to make sure that hazardous conditions were fixed.

City's worst buildings escape reinspection despite spike in construction deaths

Despite record construction deaths and destruction, the city failed to reinspect 20% of the worst buidings last year...


Anonymous said...

20% means that 1 out of 5 buildings in NYC are unsafe ! WOW !!!

You're doing a "great" job Li Mandri.

And Bloomberg
doesn't really give a crap.

It's collateral damage....
all part of building a
"greater" New York and lining his already fat pockets with more cash!

Anonymous said...

The city preservation movement has not even begun to come to grips with this mess.

But CCCREEEP or whatever the hell they are talking about $600,000 in the city budget.

Big f*n deal, you jerks.

The preservation movement has lost its way.