Sunday, June 22, 2008

Queenscape, part 5

Hot pink storefront next to heavily graffitied apartment building. Summerfield Street in Ridgewood. - taken by Joe


Anonymous said...

Crap-free recipe:

1. Strip the hot pink paint
2. Power-wash the brick with a solution to remove the graffiti while not harming the state of the brick.

Product: Property values are maintained, and potentially increases

Anonymous said...

Of course, this is simple. But some people love to wallow in crap. And the city welcomes these types to middle class neighborhoods. If property values there are too high, it's less margin of profit for the developers.

Anonymous said...

The graffiti sucks but the hot pink is kind of cool. Jeez, loosen up.

Queens Crapper said...

If this was 1985, maybe...

Anonymous said...

Product: Property values are maintained, and potentially increases

Who the f*k cares about the community? The only people that are important are the developers who can milk the cow.

The faster the all of Queens can look like Elmhurst or Flushing the better.

Anonymous said...

The is nothing compaired to the garbage on Cypress ave. You have a guy selling used hubcaps out of a lot (where these was a building)

A "Flat Fix" across the street from him with cars and jacks on the sidewalk and a private Slavic bar/strip joint on Seneca and Norman (Formally Mullers's Perscriptions)

I wanted to puke driving through there, it looked like Puerto Rico by the airport less the coconut trees and Ford Pintos modified as Pickup trucks!!