Wednesday, June 25, 2008

New Domino sports less glass crap

The design from Beyer Blinder Belle has some changes: the five-story glass addition to the 1884 building has been cut to four stories and been redesigned. The mechanical elements on top have been removed. The old Domino sign, which is currently on an adjacent building would be moved to the top of the landmarked structure. There are also balcony-type structures that have been added to the south side of the building.

Behold the New & Approved Old Domino Plant with Glass Box


Anonymous said...

What, not stupidly mutilated like the Penna Power Plant and Sohmer?

Anonymous said...

Very pretty but I miss the gritty!

Yeah....Brooklyn gets the better level or architectural redux than Queens does.

Why? It's people demand more
and its historical societies
don't have to ask around to find out how to get in touch with the LPC.

(Duh....look 'em up in the phone book)!

Anonymous said...

Why should the Domino logo be preserved? What has Domino done for our city, other than pack its bags and outsource? This condo will be a monument to outsourcing and the loss of blue-collar jobs.