Thursday, June 26, 2008

Contractors boozin' up at noon

Construction accidents have claimed the lives of 20 in New York this year alone and as federal safety watchdogs kick off a two-week crackdown on high-risk building sites, CBS 2 HD found it wasn't hard to find workers having a liquid lunch, then heading back to work where they may be putting everyone around them in harm's way.

NYC Construction Workers Still Drinking On Job

At an Upper West Side watering hole, it seems like it's happy hour, with patrons clinking glasses and guzzling booze -- except it's noon, and the construction workers having some drinks still have to go back to work building a high-rise condo complex nearby.

Here's the video


Anonymous said...

Its basically and a wrong but unwritten rule that they can go to the bar during lunch time. Even large contractors like like Tishman and Plaza look the other way. If they had to do a breathalyzer or dole test- there would be very few men left to work.

Anonymous said...

this is not news- especially if you have ever worked on a nyc construction site -union or non-union-

i have seen worse -drugs are also used -

with the out of control building we have experienced over the last few years more accidents were inevitable

Anonymous said...

Bumped into two of such drunks at the end of their work shift on 44th Street and 6th Ave last week.

It was about 5:20 P.M. and the thought that they'd been "stinko"
since noon gave me the shudders as I looked up at the monstrous construction crane at their work site.

Next time you see some beer muscled knuckleheads cat calling some girls, think about how many they threw down with their hero sandwiches!

Anonymous said...

So it's illegals and drunks
that are building up our future !!!

Anonymous said...

No it's not illegals and drunks building up our city it's hard working men with serious addiction problems or not so good judgement. Breathalyzer test ... not a bad idea.

Anonymous said...

There would only be 30% of construction workers going back to the jobsite if they had to pass breathalyzer tests after lunch. Big contractors like Tishman and Moinian, are not going to pay for the time it would take for these guys to pass thru a breathalzer. There lives are Collateral.

Anonymous said...

Finding old beer cans in the walls of
houses when they're opened up for future renovation work, attests to the time honored practice of construction workers getting drunk on the job!