Sunday, June 22, 2008

Tall fence makes bad neighbor

What went up must come down, city officials have decided in the case of a wall that became the subject of a bitter battle between Brooklyn neighbors.

Matthew and Jean Gershon had complained their windows were rendered useless when the family next door erected a 60-foot-high cinder-block wall inches from their Bay Ridge home in April.

"We used to have beautiful sunlight coming through our windows, but this guy cemented our windows shut," Matthew Gershon said. "The wall needs to come down."

The Department of Buildings agreed. The agency issued two violations against next-door neighbors Robert and Cheryl Cunningham, who own 123 87th St., after inspectors ruled the wall did not comply with zoning regulations.

Sources said the Cunninghams have until July 2 to take down the wall or they could face criminal charges.

Brooklyn wall must come down


Anonymous said...

The people who bilt this wall sound deranged.

Anonymous said...

The only mistake was it was not built in Queens.

Then it would be 'as of right.'

Anonymous said...

It restores a bit of faith in the DOB although I agree with the comment that if it was in Queens it would be "as of right".

Anonymous said...

Queens might begin to realize that we lost out big time when Magdi Mossad was sent to Brooklyn!

Anonymous said...

I don't agree. Magdi Mossad stated over and over again that Tommy Huang's project on 223rd Street was audited and reaudited and legal. No way.

Anonymous said...

Since when is sunshine a right? If the wall is built on one's property who is harmed?? - AB

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of this California lottery ad, where a couple wins the lottery, purchases the neighboring crap building, and tear it down, restoring their window's view.