Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Serf says something screwy

Bruno’s announcement came so late in the campaign season (nominating petitions to get on the ballot are due at the State Board of Elections soon), that Democrats won’t have time to field a strong challenger to the likely Republican candidate, Roy McDonald, the local Assemblyman.

“He’s screwing them,” Maltese told me.

Maltese: Bruno is 'Screwing' Democrats

Hey, Serf...

Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno announced his stunning decision that he would not seek re-election just hours after the FBI collected a massive volume of his detailed records dating back to 1995, The Post has learned.

More than 30 boxes of Senate records - gathered pursuant to a federal subpoena issued in March - were carted out of the Capitol and delivered by a Senate van to the Albany office of the US attorney for the Northern District. That office has been probing Bruno's outside consulting business for more than two years.

A law-enforcement source said the US Attorney's Office in the Manhattan-based Southern District of New York was also assisting in the probe.


Who's screwing who?

Photo from City Hall News


Anonymous said...

One step ahead of the
"shoe shine"(feds) Bruno?

Probably the deal offered to Giuseppe was to quietly resign and roll over on his fellow crooks in exchange for a slap on the wrist.

Cooperating with investigators
is a time honored method of pol/perps avoiding doing some real jail time (i.e. "Pinky" Gallagher).

Funny thing though(a coincidence in timing maybe) that since
Brian Mc Laughlin first "sang his song" to the FBI....notice how many investigations have followed in its wake!

H-m-m-m-m-m! Stay tuned for more.

Anonymous said...

Hey Serf, almost 2.5 million in discretionary money just this year, how much in toto? A whole lot to be looked into about where all our money is going.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Don Maltese hired a few hits
(politically speaking, of course).

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hey, Serf: You're a moron!

The best you had was sexual pervert Gallagher. Second best you had was the pervert's replacement, someone else from your office, Como.

You nor Como ever had a word to say about the pervert perp, and you now watch this buffoon Bruno tossed on his own ass, and all you have to offer is that the Republicans are screwing the Democrats?

What have you been doing all these years? Why have you utterly failed to develop young Republicans over the years?

Oh, yeah! It was a result of all those "noncompete" deals you and other Republicans have been making for years. Just to keep your own asses in seats while you cater to other interests.

Your many, many years of never competing or accounting for your actions (non-actions) has now left you too stupid to know what's happening. Cling to Como; see what loyalty is.

Hello Addabbo and Baldeo. Best of luck! Dump this moron!

Charlie Ober: Dump Como!