Saturday, June 21, 2008

Unions kissing Katz ass

In a public statement, Katz said, "I take great pride in the fact that I have been able to marshal support so early in this campaign." The head of the union, Michael Belluzzi, said his members "need leaders who are not afraid to stand up to special interest groups."

Katz gets more union support in comptroller bid

What is a union if not a special interest group?


Anonymous said...

I'snt every group of people that gets together a special interest group. If they didnt have a common interst what would be the point!!!

Anonymous said...

November 29, 2007 -- Queens businesses in the way of the mayor's massive redevelopment plan for Willets Point gave nearly $30,000 to a city councilwoman with the authority to block the project, campaign-finance records show.
Councilwoman Melinda Katz, chair of the powerful Land Use Committee and a 2009 candidate for city comptroller, raked in $29,500 over the summer from people tied to four companies fighting the redevelopment.
Katz solicited the bulk of the donations at a June 18 fund-raiser, according to her spokeswoman. That event occurred just five days after she held an oversight hearing on the plan where she voiced serious concerns.
Mayor Bloomberg's plan cannot move forward without approval by Katz's committee. She is holding a second hearing today. - NY Post

Anonymous said...

The only special interest group she stands up against are grassroots groups trying to stop development.

Calling community groups that tries to stop developers from taking over their neigbhorhood with a mocking title 'special interest' is like saying 'work is freedom.'

But then, again, Dutch Kills is somehow now called a 'downzone' so anything is possible in Queens.

Isnt' the iron grip of the one party state of the clubhouse wonderful. You can actually see the stuff you read about from George Orwell and Ayn Rand right before your eyes!

Anonymous said...

The public has a very odd view of unions. There's the nudge-nudge-Jimmy-Hoffa-Giants-Stadium concept (which has some truth, but not as widespread as you might think)and there's the fighting-for-the-working-guy concept (also not as true as you'd think). The truth is that in recent years, as membership dwindles to only 20% of what it was 50 years ago (you could look it up), unions have gotten very smart. They now put their money (sorry, MEMBERS money) into politics. They own the Democrats. Those RINOs you've heard about? Many have been bought (legally) by the unions. Or they have been frightened by the prospect of union money (and foot soldiers) supporting theor opponents. As a result, we have proposed federal legislation that will knock you socks off (if Obama wins). We also have state, city, and local regs annd laws that cater to unions - at the cost of most working people (beleive it or not, only 8% of private sector workers are union).

These laws pretty much guarantee that all public works jobs are done union. At extravagant cost. And now, they are de facto forcing private work to be done union... at excessive cost.

Don't think "union" means safety or quality. All those crane disasters? Union operators. There isn't a big crane job in NYC that isn't union.

I've seen too much. The fact that Ms. Katz is in bed with them means she is a hack. Pity. Wanted to like her.

Frank Lloyd Crap said...

So Melinda,

What did you decide to name our love child?


Anonymous said...

“People talk to me about developers and their support, and my answer is, ‘They are the folks who care deeply about the direction this city is going.’ If they have faith that I can actually make sure the city continues to thrive economically,Katz said. - Queens Crap June 15, 2008

Anonymous said...

Is the public ready to vote for a closeted lesbian? It is time for Melinda to come out of the closet and be the Lesbian that she is. Your not fooling anyone by trying to mask your homosexuality. Instead of hiding it like it is some disease she should admit and be proud, than the people would have more respect for her. Melinda everyone knows anyway and it just looks stupid by hiding it in this manner.

Anonymous said...

I'll bet all those mobbed up unions connected to the building industry are supporting alley Katz....
the NYC real estate industry's
poster child slut!

Anonymous said...

Look at that tight lipped grin....looks like she just finished giving some head to a developer!

(Open your mouth and let it drip out)!