Sunday, June 22, 2008

Striking oil in Williamsburg

There are at least 8 tanks being removed. Oil has leaked into the surrounding soil. People in neighboring buildings are complaining of headaches. In one building across from the site there are 5 children ranging in age, from 5 weeks to seven years old. We are nervous about health issues related to the rapid excavation of several contaminated sites on the Northside.

More Black Gold in Williamsburg: 40 Berry Street Oil Field

Maybe the government doesn't have to drill in Alaska; we can increase our oil supply with this. Especially since our mayor is hypocritically in favor of a higher gas tax because we consume too much of it.


Anonymous said...

Bloomie will do things - 1. gladly pay the tax; 2. continue to take the subway. If the Legislature had passed congestion pricing we wouldn't need it. I support anything to keep your filthy cars off Manhattan streets.

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Democratic Dictionary:

A Green Politican:

Someone with lots of 'green' in the bank.

Anonymous said...

The soils along the East River and and Newtown Creek are among the most polluted in the country.

I call upon an independent outside source to do a study of the soils.


Maybe if financing is a problem, someone like the Iranian or North Korean ambassador could finance it.

The could do a lot a damange to the economy for a little money.

As long as it saves lives, its perfectly fine, perfectly fine.

Anonymous said...

Not a place to raise families, that is for sure.

Anonymous said...

I worked in one of the refineries on the creek for 25 years. You sould see what they dumped in that ground.

I wouldn't walk my dog there let alone have my grandkids living on that.

Anonymous said...

Memo to "Filthy Cars" Anonymous:

Let me tell you about my country. We have a constitutional democracy in which, more or less, we are free to do as we please with the resources we have. We are also free to visit any part of our country. Residents of one state are not permitted to treat those of another state less favorably. And we certainly can't treat people from another part of town like second-class citizens. Why,to do so would simply be un-American.

Tell us about the country you live in.