Friday, June 27, 2008

Pool appears before lux condo is built

From A Fine Blog:

If anyone is wondering exactly where the water table lies on the coast of LIC this picture should answer your question! But, what a view!

A Lot To Watch With View And Swimming Hole

There is a building permit on the DOB website which indicates a 29 story building going up, with 546,772 square feet of residential space.


Anonymous said...

This reminds me: can you post an update on the St. John's dorm?

Anonymous said...

Another "luxury" CONDOM is going up!

Everything that's going up these days is quickly branded "LUXURY" by their real estate agents!

I'm sure that the sales of these shoddily built people boxes are adding to the luxurious style of living that the real estate moguls building them are well accustomed to!

As for me, I'll take a well appointed pre-war condo any day.
That's real luxury!

Anonymous said...

How clever: Building a submarine disguised as a condom. When it's complete, it will be launched right into the East River, and then cruise the Atlantic coast, defending this country from underwater developer terrorists.

Talk about sophisticated secret projects!

Anonymous said...

The SJU construction has proceeded to the best of my knowledge without an approved sewer plan. The property floods like crazy even in a moderate rain fall. The builders are presently diverting the water into the storm drains due to a temporary construction permit that allows them to do so. We all wonder what will happen to Lake Harrington once they disconnect this contraption. I doubt very much that they will be able to park cars in the lower level parking lot for fear that the cars will become submerged during a major rain fall.

Anonymous said...

This is wonderful. Put up a 29 story building on a toxic swamp.

The old Penna Powerplant had 100s of pilings and took over a year.

Think the same effort will go into this? Now since it will have no basement, where will the parking be?

Isn't there anyone out there prepared to speak about this travisty?

Engineers? Civic leaders? Come on, this is the greatest city in the world and no one is prepared to speak out about this?

(umm, why doesn't someone get a sample of this water and analyze it for toxins?)


Anonymous said...

Wow this is great! I was wondering what was going on over there. I love hearing about the new condos in LIC. This pace of construction seems to be picking up in recent months. Its very exciting time here in LIC!