Wednesday, June 25, 2008

CB7 makes Willets Point deal with City

"The Committee on Willets Point of Queens Community Board 7 voted 'yes' Monday night to supporting the city's plan to redevelop Willets Point with the following conditions:

1) No eminent domain abuse. (What constitutes abuse? Come on!)
2) They want a $300 million fund for mitigation issues. You know they will settle on 10% of that - it's just another way of them making money off the backs of people who never got a cent for anything from the city over the past 30 years.

Before they started the meeting they said they met with Deputy Mayor Bob Lieber already and got some concessions and that if these 2 things were not met they would vote it down. Sounds like a deal was already made before the hearing.

We need a show of support on Monday 6/30/08 @ 7PM at

at which time the public will be allowed to speak before the vote of the full community board. If we don't stand up now this kind of crap will continue and get worse in Queens. Please show up and support us.



Oh yes, there's no doubt a deal was made, that is how it is always done. Read the Curbed report to see how badly they failed at trying to hide this.


Anonymous said...

CB#7....the community board
that always sells out its community!

Anonymous said...

No doubt an underhanded back room devoid of spec sellout.

They are going to tell those people at the next meeting "you had your time to speak now go home we do what we want to to anyway"
The CB7 suits need a baseball to the head for putting on kneepads for Bloomberg.

Anonymous said...

Nah....they don't need kneepads.

CB#7 members are bare kneed pros
when it comes to sucking up to developers!

Anonymous said...

It looks like there are only two main roads in and out of this area.
Not without a fight.

"Pour les barricades!"

Anonymous said...

POS's at CB7 set a horrific precedent. What a crock of meaningless bullsh*t and backstab.

Now the Bloomberg Penis Posse thinks they can go behind closed doors and make deals behind people’s backs anyplace.

At this rate everybody in Queens will soon be renters living in one big Blade Runner Disneyland owned by the city, corporations and "special friends"
No doubt many of these officials are setting themselves for future jobs with the very same underhanded scumbags blowing them. -- Just like Rudy G
They don’t give a dam about re-election

Anonymous said...

Too bad the press, especially the local papers, are keeping the community dumbed down by this affront. If this development is allowed to proceed, the Flushing #7subway line will be overwhelmed by new passengers...and it can't handle the present load!!! What about school seats? What about the traffic? This is a boondoggle supported by a community board that has SOLD OUT!!!!!

Anonymous said...

they sold out . bloomy got to them with bogus promises . lets kill our community members who have complained to us to fix the place up for 30 years and side with big developers because we want 300 million fo our fund!! sounds like balck mail to me ,done on the backs of the abused businesses

Anonymous said...

There will be NO apartments or anything built. The land will lay flat until Herr Wilpon builds his parking garage and mall.

Anyone care to make a wager?
They (all of them) CB 7, EDC, Mayor Mugabe Bloomberg, Indira Schulman are being 'set up'...

Anonymous said...

from what inside info i have wilpon is planning on building a soccer stadium after they take down shea it will be a parking lot for wilpon

Anonymous said...

hey willets point boys:

go buy yourselves a big case of ky jelly

because you're about to be buttf***ed