Monday, June 23, 2008

It's flood season again!

Residents on Utopia Parkway are still drying out a week after heavy rains backed up street sewers and flooded their homes. For many, it's the third time this has happened in about a year.

Queens Residents Ask City To Help With Flooding Problem

"Last year, it happened twice in the period of a month," said resident Robert Georgescu.

That's too much for Robert Georgescu and his neighbors, who say they want the city to fix the problem. Georgescu says it's the city's fault, and he has proof --- home video he shot during last Saturday's storm. He says the footage backs up his claims that there's something wrong with the sewer system in the neighborhood.

NY1 also tried to reach out to the city for comment. The station's calls were not returned.

In the meantime, these residents say they will just have to continue fending for themselves.


Anonymous said...

Residents on 160th Street in Whitestone had 4 or 5 feet of water last summer and the year before. People had thousands of dollars in damage and the city still has not fixed the problem despite a million complaints and media and politicians bringing attention to the issue.

Anonymous said...

Queens residents worried about flood damage should be phoning Mzz Manley of the Mayor's Community Assistance Unit (CAU) for useful advice on saving receipts for items damaged by floods caused by Commissar Death & Taxes' deliberate neglect of flood control in Queens.

See the lesson on deliberate neglect by reading up on Willets Point, now ready for theft by the Commissar's use of eminent domain.

While this Commissar remains in power, your property is only useful as something for developers and the Commissar to take.

Once your property is "blighted", it's up for grabs. Blighted, as in flood damaged.

Read about Willets Point for proof.

Anonymous said...

Stop whining, people. It's just water. Get a Life

Anonymous said...

Stop whining, people. It's just water. Get a Life


Yea, haven't you noticed? From schools to shopping to an explosion in substandard housing consturuction to a big jump in absentee landlords packin' the tweeded in.

You are toast.

Your community is being hollowed out for the needs of the machine. And until you go after the machine, you have no future in Queens.

Frank Lloyd Crap said...

So where will the CAU-led secret meeting be held this year to discuss the problem while locking out the public and the press?

Anonymous said...

The intersection Kingston St. and Henley Road in Jamaica Estates was totaly flooded as were all the recently built substandard garden apts. The SJU dorm site was a lake! I guess they will have floating cars in that underground parking they are building