Friday, June 27, 2008

N.Y. Court: Illegal Immigrant Not Eligible for More Workers' Comp

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) -- New York's top court says an undocumented immigrant injured while working as a printer properly received basic workers' compensation, but he isn't eligible for additional payments because of his legal status.

The Court of Appeals notes Ronnie Ramroop got temporary disability benefits for five years after a printing press crushed four of his fingers, which was consistent with the court's 2006 ruling in another case.

But the judges say that under the law, additional compensation for impairment of earning capacity must be due solely to the injury. Ramroop's status as an undocumented immigrant, not legally employable in the U.S. and ineligible for a state vocational rehabilitation program, represents a different obstacle to getting work.

This guy got tax money for 5 years despite not being here legally? Nice racket.


Anonymous said...

Believe me when I say I feel for this guy and his crushed fingers.

But I went through $40,000 of my sole retirement package to pay for my wife's and my medical coverage and legal fees for 3 years, when she was suddenly fired from her job without cause.

My tax dollars continued to pay for this illegal alien's compensation
while our food budget was adjusted to cover eating pasta and beans for two days a week!

Where was my help from the government?

Ooops....we were legalized middle class American citizens and weren't worthy of bailing out!

Anonymous said...

"This guy got tax money for 5 years despite not being here legally? Nice racket."

Maybe he should get a job working for the junkyards at willets point, since YOU love them so much and the rest of his ILLEGAL family works there anyway?

Anonymous said...

"Maybe he should get a job working for the junkyards at willets point, since YOU love them so much and the rest of his ILLEGAL family works there anyway?"

I certainly DO love junkyards. In Willets Point or wherever. When I was young, with my very first used (by 5 owners ahead of me) car, junkyards were where I was able to afford to get the parts to keep that car running.

How are things any different today? There will always be young people with old cars that need parts that are too, too expensive in an auto parts store.

So, all you junkyard owners, God bless all of you. You fellows saved me hundreds, perhaps thousands of dollars and kept me on the road. Just as you do today for other young people.

You were all humble fellows then, with greasy clothes, way too much love for any car or its parts, but, like the arrogant heart surgeons of today, you were super-specialists in parts transplants.

You fellows also knew, as a good expert would, that many parts from one brand of auto could easily be transplanted into a multitude of other brands.

It may have been you fellows who first latched on to the notion of "diversity" with your willingness to perform or propose parts transplants across brands.

Long live all junkyards!

Junkyards are beautiful, with a beautiful purpose: use all parts until they decay.

Junkyards and the fellows there serve a far greater purpose then the moronic savages who write such things as the first paragraph here and pray to destroy private businesses and hard working employees.

As for illegal aliens: they also rank higher than the paragraph writer, but, deserve nothing at all from any taxpayer anywhere in this nation.

Notice that the moronic paragraph writer never got around to offering the illegal alien any help? Just wanted to use the illegal alien to spew hatred on hardworking taxpaying citizens. How utterly typical,

Anonymous said...

Not many people are aware of this, but the city OWNS the land that the "chop shops" are on, that is why they are, for the most part, temporary structures. They won't issue building permits for permanent structures there because they are renting out the land to the businesses that hire the illegals. The LANDOWNERS at Willets are the large businesses such as the ones that are in the videos featured here. So Mr. Asshole commenter should simply ask the mayor why these businesses weren't evicted by the city long ago. Oh, that's right - we are a sanctuary city as per his policies.

Anonymous said...

that has to go!

Dump those ass kissing Staviskys, Parkside and their whole damn crew!

How about some eminent domain/recall for some of our incumbent office holding crooks? !!!

Anonymous said...

Illegal immigrants are draining our social security system, health care system and school system. They know more about how to get the money than we do.