Saturday, June 21, 2008

Worker Falls At East Side Construction Site

Safety Harness Not Properly Sealed, Officials Say

NEW YORK -- A steel worker fell from a fifth floor platform to a third floor setback on Saturday as he was trying to bolt steel, according to the New York City Buildings Department.

The accident occurred at the construction site of a steel residential building at 452 East 23rd St.

The initial investigation into the accident revealed that the man was wearing a safety harness, but it was not properly sealed, said Robin Brooks, a spokeswoman for the buildings department.

The Buildings Department issued violations to Falcon Steel and Turner Construction, the general contractor in the operation, for failure to safeguard. Buildings officials also issued a stop work order for all steel operations as the investigation continues, said Brooks.


Frank Lloyd Crap said...

Notice how the news media doesn't even mention if the worker is alive, injured or dead. Who gives a shit anyway: after all, workers are expendable.

Anonymous said...

How can a private company do construction work on Saturday (when no inspectors are on duty) in the first place?