Saturday, June 21, 2008

Drinks were as popular 50 years ago as they are today

Hey it's Saturday. Have a Guinness and relax. That's what people did back in 1958.
Or if that's not hard enough for you, mix yourself a gimlet. Thanks for the tip, Daily News!


Anonymous said...

Guinness and MILK?

Anybody tried that?

Anonymous said...

I read in some book ages ago that Guinness supposedly did most of their brewing during WWII in LIC, apparently concerned about the legendary St. James Gate brewery in Dublin and their ability to produce the elixir. As I recall, the works were located near where DeVry and LaGuardia Community College are now, off of Thompson Avenue.

Any Guinness and/or LIC historians who can confirm my shaky memory?

Anonymous said...

Are they cleaning out Pinkey's office ?

Anonymous said...

Any Pinky sightings in local bars this summer?

Anonymous said...

O'Neill's. Back room. By the Horse racing.

Queens Crapper said...


Guinness LIC