Wednesday, June 25, 2008



June 25, 2008 -- The city's murder rate is up nearly 8 percent this year - with surges in rapes and robberies as well, police statistics show.

Nevertheless, the NYPD said the city's overall crime has dipped 3 percent so far this year.

Through Sunday, there were 238 murders, compared with 221 during the same period last year - a 7.6 increase. Five additional murders have been reported since Sunday.

The rise in deadly violence has been accompanied by a troubling 6.2 percent increase in rapes, as well as a 4.4 percent rise in robberies.

Drops in four other serious crime categories - assault, burglary, grand larceny and grand larceny auto - fueled the 3.09 percent decline in overall crime.


Anonymous said...

Well .. yea ... this is what happens when your community has more tansients, a young population, a significant number of lawbreakers that are there illegally, and less cops.

Someone has to pay for all that infrastructure development.

Anonymous said...

When "hizzoner" der Mayor is included among these news statistics I'll jump for joy (heh, heh)!

In the meantime
he's killing our city!

Anonymous said...

Funny that a few years ago when the rates were decreasing, and we still had people here illegally, did anyone say anything about the mayor then? about how horrible he was?

"Crime is down?? Boooo to Bloomberg..."

I dont remember ever reading anything like that.

Truman Harris said...

No, because we had more cops back then.

Anonymous said...

Truman Harris said...
"No, because we had more cops back then."

Nearly 5500 more cops back then.

But, no "precious people" were victims; only "little people". So, to fix the budget, let the "little people" die. Isn't that what "little people" are for?

Like the nobody construction workers (who the hell ever wanted to do that kind of work when there are so many clubs to visit with friends?) "little people" are SUPPOSED to die for the sake of the safety of the "precious people".

Do you want criminals out attacking the "precious people"? That's what would happen if there were no more "little people" to attack.

Commissar Death and Taxes knows what he is doing. He's a brilliant manager. I know this because his lickspittles tell me so.