Monday, June 30, 2008

A little toxicity never hurt anyone

Construction work is now going on at the site, which is slated to become a Karl Fischer building with 180 apartments. The property was once a paint factory and is listed as an “e” site, meaning that it requires a cleanup before anything can be built. A few weeks ago, we noticed that piles of (possibly contaminated) soil at the site were not being covered by tarps. Neighbors are also concerned about whether protocols are being followed - and more to the point – want to know exactly what toxins are on the site and what the risks are.

Work at “Toxic” Bedford Ave. Lot Worrying Neighbors

How dare they question development practices in this city? Who the hell do these people think they are? What a bunch of NIMBYs to be concerned about what toxic waste will do to their health!


Anonymous said...

We need somone to step forward ready provide the public with a service to test and release the results of soil samples and to ENCOURAGE 'RAIDS' ON CONSTRUCTION SITES, (perhaps?) TO GET THESE SAMPLES?

Anonymous said...

The public would be breaking the law to do that.

Better to encourage everyone to work within the system.