Sunday, April 1, 2007

Which came first - the chicken or the crap?

Right across the street from the elegance at Flushing Meadows Corona Park you will find these dream homes on 46th Ave just off 111th St...

Here you can see the three stages of Queens Crap. To the left, 8 units of crap (and 2 "medical offices") under construction. To the right, you have 15 units of completed crap. The little white shack in the middle is almost certainly crap-to-be.

But living on this block has a bonus - what is in that little white shack, you may ask? LIVE POULTRY! Ever catch a whiff of one of these places on a hot summer day?


Anonymous said...

5 years ago we actually watched a chicken cross the road......of course to get to the other side of Crocheron Avenue. Then we heard Roosters crowing. A Chinese family was keeping chickens 1 block north on 166th Street!

No Santoria rituals here!

Anonymous said...

Come now boys and girls, in the wonderful diversity of Queens, a place like that is important: it helps to support some distinctive community of the tweeded.

It is likely the surrounding houses are customers of the place.

Anonymous said...

You would think the health department would step in about this. Residential apartments right next to a poultry slaughter place.