Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Pete wants to secede from New York State

Emboldened by Mayor Bloomberg's testimony in Albany this week that the city's taxpayers pay the state $11 billion a year more than they get back, a City Council member is offering legislation that would begin the process of having New York City secede from New York State.

A Secession Plan Is Floated for New York City

Peter Vallone Jr., a Democrat who represents Queens, is pushing the idea, and the Council plans to hold a hearing on the possibility of making New York City the 51st state.

"I think secession's time has definitely come again," Mr. Vallone, who spearheaded a similar push in 2003, told The New York Sun yesterday. "If not secession, somebody please tell me what other options we have if the state is going to continue to take billions from us and give us back pennies. Should we raise taxes some more? Should we cut services some more? Or should we consider seriously going out on our own?"

He's also limiting homework.


Anonymous said...

These people try everything to stay in the headlines with empty meanigless gesures.

Rememeber Peter's cell phone towers issue - and no mention that the city puts them on public housing in his district?

Meanwhile, the real problems of urban decay in Astoria go unaddressed - in part, because they are often addressed by the newly arrived tweeded abetted by the campaign donating absentee landlords.

What is a boy to do?

Shop at EL MUNDO DISOUNT, of course!

Anonymous said...

This is an idea that's long been floating around
for ages.

Didn't somebody come up with this idea
sometime in the late 60s or early 70s ?

I personally think that Long Island
(which includes Queens, Brooklyn, Nassau & Suffolk) should become its own state.

Why Don "Junior" Vallone's sudden interest?

Does he plan to run for governor of this
proposed 51st state?

I think this boob is over-reaching.

He'll do anything
to divert attention from the lousy job he 's doing
as a councilman!

Anonymous said...

if Pete succeeds in suceding he and his cohorts will have more authority over the city/state. Yikes!

Unknown said...

Stop diverting the main issue. The State is clearly exploiting New York City.

Anonymous said...

Then get rid of pro landlord types like Joe Bruno!

Those other apple bonkers up in Albany
love to pee on us downstate!

Anonymous said...

and the politicans are exploiting the public, so your point is what?

Anonymous said...

Pete's hair wants to secede from his head.

Anonymous said...

Pete should secede or abdicate from office!

I'd be glad to provide the rail
for local citizens to run him out of town on !

Anonymous said...

Both Peter Vallone (Eastern Long Island) and Joseph Sawicki Jr. (Western Long Island) have proposed different forms of secession from New York State.

I too proposed three forms of secession in an Internet poll: (a) full secession or triple secession from New York City, New York State, and the United States; (b) Independent Long Island statehood or double secession from New York City and New York State; (c) New York City-Independent Long Island statehood or single secession from New York State.

In that Internet poll, 47.1 percent voted in favour of full secession, while the ILI statehood and NYC-ILI statehood options gathered only 35.3 and 17.6 percent of the votes respectively.

The incredibly rebellious People are right: not only should the full island of Long Island become its own state, but it should become its own country too! Then and only then, can we begin to solve all our problems.

Vallone and Sawicki only speak of secession when they want extra money from New York State. That's like kids that finish their homework only on the day they get their allowance money. We need more committed students than that, and representatives to the full island of Long Island that are more mature than kids.