Saturday, January 26, 2008

Chappetto Square

Chappetto Square? Never been here before. This looks interesting.
It's landscaped beautifully.
Amenities look sparse, however. Let me try to get in around the other side.
Darn. I really was interested in reading what was on the monument at the base of that flagpole. I thought maybe I'd be able to read the inscription on the Parks Department website, but they only dedicate one line to what's here and the rest to Robert Moses. Of course, this place is probably locked because hockey is not a winter sport.


georgetheatheist said...

The Park is named after Lou Chappetto, who was actively involved in Queens youth sports in the '50's. He was a very religious man. I know, since I went to grammar school with one of his sons, Tommy. Another of his sons is Father Raymond Chappetto - last that I know somewhere in the Diocese of Brooklyn.

georgetheatheist said...


1. Park's website spells the name "Chappetto" and then links to a "Chappeto"

2. Lou was Peter's brother, cousin?
In any event the C family was very active in the neighboring Our Lady of Mt. Carmel parish.

Anonymous said...

if Chappetto was a follower of the Zen religion, instead, this park might be a fitting tribute, as it is profoundly void and empty.

Anonymous said...

This park, known as "the Cheesebox" was very heavily used for both basketball and hockey in my youth. If the kids are not using it, perhaps someone should throw out their video games.

Obesity is the national disease.

Anonymous said...

I played hockey at the cheese box when I was younger. In the later years, alot of soccer players starting playing in there, moving hockey out.

Apparently, they needed to play soccer at the cheesebox because they didn't have enough places to the middle of the baseball fields in Astoria Park, in the middle of the basketball courts under the Triboro, and in the middle of the old hockey/football field at Hoyt Park.

Anonymous said...

You are right it was called the Cheesebox. But I affectionately refer to it as, "My Uncle's Park."

The park was one of the most used parks in Queens in my youth during the 50's and 60's.

It was dedicated to Lt. Peter Chappetto-Lou's brother-who sacraficed himself to save his platoon during WWII. Peter was uncle to the late Charlie, Lou Jr., Msgr. Ray (now in Floral Park), the late Tom and Richie Chappetto.

It was dedicated on 11-11-49 and we had a rededication and 50th reunion on 11-11-99 about 50 or so people attended.
Richie Chappetto

Sal A. Mander said...

The Cheesebox was the best place around for a pick up roller hockey game. I played some competative games there late 80s early 90s. How about a reunion?

Anonymous said...


The cheesebox was to me growing up a place were we would have some fun games amongst good friends young and old.I,m 53 now
but I,m down with a saturday early morning Hockey game. Can some younger social media savvy hockey player get it going. I say early sat morning,around 8am or 9am. Let,s do this