Saturday, January 26, 2008

Giants fan dyes dog blue

WNYW in New York is holding a "How True Blue Are You?" contest, soliciting fan submissions of photographs that show how loyal fans are to the Giants. Joe Gannascoli, the man who played Vito Spatafore on The Sopranos submitted a picture of he and his wife holding their dog, which they had, in support of the Giants, dyed blue.

Dog gets dyed blue by insane Giants fan; grants me an interview


Anonymous said...

what a stupid jerk.

Anonymous said...

It is sad that he is so desperate for his 15 minutes that he shares it with a color-coded pooch (in support of a NEW JERSEY corporation). In fact it might have been the least stupid thing on Fox five "news" that day.

Anonymous said...

he should bite the fat owner's finger off and pee on his old lady.

Anonymous said...

Insert cue-stick ....

verdi said...

Eh "goombah" !

I can only see the bottom of the
"sofa size genuine (?) oil painting"
behind Giuseppe.

La bella cosa.....gag!

NYC should take legal action
for the Giants to cease and desist using
the New York part of the franchise's name.

Those traitors moved out of state.

They ought to be called the Jersey Giants
(or midgets) !

Anonymous said...

As Oscar Wilde might say"Life imitates art"
(or at least TV) !

What a "chitrool" in either case!

Anonymous said...

I wonder how long his marriage will last. If he wants to be a celebrity, he should expect a divorce at some point.

faster340 said...

I see that fat fuck didn't paint himself blue!

Poor dog. This isn't funny!!!!