Friday, January 25, 2008

Bloomie: Do as I say, not as I do

The city has put 12,000 people on the payroll since September, when the mayor ordered agencies to make only "critically necessary" hires to get ready for a budget crunch.

While a little more than half of the hires are part-time, generally low-paid employees, some 5,305 are full-timers, and 2,900 of those were brought aboard after Nov. 1, when Mayor Bloomberg imposed an out-and-out hiring freeze.

City added thousands to payroll since Mayor Bloomberg ordered freeze

The city hired hundreds of crucial front-line staffers since Sept. 8 - child abuse caseworkers, garbage collectors, social workers, EMTs and cops - a list of city employees provided under the Freedom of Information Law shows.

But it also found room for plenty of policy analysts, assistants, project coordinators and others with seemingly less critical roles.

The Sanitation Department hired a $25-an-hour photographer. The Transportation Department put on a $95,000-a-year spokesman, and the Cultural Affairs Department hired two "associate arts programs specialists" for a combined $104,000.

The mayor's office hired 26 salaried staffers since Sept. 8 for $1.2million a year; 19 are paid with city funds.

Photo from NY Times


faster340 said...

Oh but now he wants to cut $300,000,000 from the schools budget to make up. I don't understand the logic of that. I guess he wants to keep the future residents stupid.

Anonymous said...

Wanna save some quick money "your honor"?
C'mon....your a smart businessman.

Clear cut that dense, useless,
incompetent , salary sucking CAU forest
that was planted to give citizens the illusion
that they have a voice in government.

Get rid of some of the old deadwood
that's still hanging around....
like Matt Gorton and Jennifer Manley....
for instance !

Oh.....I forgot..... Commish Natzli is the first to go!

Now that's a good start.
Then we can go on from there.

Anonymous said...

"Budget cuts are necessary," More problematic was the $324 million being yanked out of the school system.
"They're talking about reducing English-language learners" (edited)

Has the Mayor been to Rome, Italy recently? Has he learned that ordinary folks follow the age old creed "when in Rome do as the Romans do"?

Well we all know our previous generations learned to speak the language of the land by osmosis, if not they starved or went back home. It's the best English language lessons money could never buy. Good budget cut - need to leverage more of these type cuts, plenty out there - I want my homeowner real estate taxes truly cut - not S*** rebates that are always dangled in front of me - sort of the undeserved carrot and stick. No more sticks.

Anonymous said... lousy $400 rebate "carrot"....
and "the stick" went up my ass.....
with the next year's real estate tax increase.

First Bloomberg giveth.....
then Bloomberg taketh away !

Cursed be the name of Bloomberg !

Anonymous said...

Dear Mayor,

You will be remembered as the Mayor that hurt the middle class in their pockets.

Sorry to all those who are ill and need to visit a Doctor in Manhattan from an outer borough....start saving now. You will be paying a fortune to taxi into the city.

It is all about Manhattan with this mayor....all about Manhattan.

Anonymous said...

he looks like he's performing a karate chop.

Anonymous said...

it's a whole lot better placing a few idiots
in high paying patronage jobs.....
rather than turning them loose in the private sector,
where they might really f--k up our city !

Think of what a dork like Matt Gorton might do
outside of his municipal play pen !

Look at what our smiling caterer and
CAU Commish Natzli has already done !

Wouldn't you rather see Evan Stavisky
earning 90+ "G"s as a city file clerk
in obscurity somewhere.....
rather than working at Parkside
working alongside our
Taxi & Limousine commissioner
and various other scallywags ?

Is Gianoulis' dual role a conflict of interest ?

this is just SOP In NYC's corrupt system!

Anonymous said...

Somebody out there
feel like writing a song about "hizzoner" ?

You can start with this.

"It's Mike our old middle class murderer" !

(Better make that "mass murderer")