Saturday, January 26, 2008

Where To Go?

Dear Editor (of the Queens Chronicle):

This is in response to Helen Marshall’s comments in her talk last week at Queens College. What our borough president did not mention was how the city would address the already overcrowded schools issue. With all of these “new communities” springing up where will these families send their children to school? I know I’m busing mine out of the neighborhood for high school come September.

There is only one area in Queens (District 26) noted for their excellent schools and from what I understand these schools are overcrowded as well. With all the chancellor’s focus on education (my youngest attends a Saturday Academy which is not mandatory but has offered to help him prepare for the ELA, Math and Science standardized tests), do these people have blinders on? Where is the “quality of life” in this borough?

I used to live on a quiet, tree-lined street. In the past 2 months, three 6-family homes have replaced three 1-family homes on my block. A middle-class (if there still is such a thing), hard-working family cannot even afford to live in an environment that is not an overcrowded, noisy jungle. If there are not enough police stations, hospitals, fire departments or schools, how can there be a “quality of life?” You are just creating another future ghetto. Oh, yeah, with a $10,000,000 swimming pool.

Cristina Tiliakos
Ozone Park

I like this woman.


Anonymous said...

local papers would be worthless if not for the Letters to the Editor sections in them.

Anonymous said...

Helen Marshall has been asleep at the wheel since 2002. The borough is now a complete shit hole.

Take a ride around your "wonderful" queendom Helen. Gaze upon the hundreds of blocks destroyed while you had meetings and talked about what should be done instead of taking the initiative to actually make a difference.

Shame on YOU!

Anonymous said...

Once again folks.....
B.P. Marshall is just a house slave
to the Queens real estate/building industry.

" may I help you "?