Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Joe vs. Serf (and Albert): The battle begins

The line in the sand for state Senate supremacy this year runs right through Queens County.

Race to seal fate of State Senate?

With Senate Republicans clinging to a razor-thin two-seat majority, pundits said the Maltese-Addabbo race could be the linchpin that determines who calls the shots in the upper house.

Addabbo slammed Maltese for flooding the district since shortly after the 2006 campaign with office newsletters that he says are really thinly veiled campaign ads.

Maltese blasted Addabbo for taking three donations, totaling nearly $30,000, from billionaire George Soros and his family.

...Addabbo faces a primary against Baldeo, who boasts $400,000 in campaign funds.)

Meanwhile the slim Republican majority is further threatened upstate: Republican Senator to Retire

Photo from Daily News


Anonymous said...

Addabbo is not know in these parts and Serf is tough cookie in campaignes. Yeah, newsletters are obvious ploy used by everyone in same regards. Let me tell you this about newsletters; Marge Markey soley relies on news letters. Since she does not do anything at all the newsletters make her seem she lives at schools and with senior citizens. Her letters barrage mail boxes in a timely expected way before primaries and elections. Joe Crowley is worse - in fact although a Dem he was seen arm twisting in getting an autograph and on camera with the President last night after the State of the Union. Shameless act by a DEM - I am no DEM - but here's what you have POLS sleeping with POLS - we the people work for POLS not the the other way around. There is the choice of the lesser of two evils Serf proves himself to be the best individual representing us. Go write him or call his office - there is always a response. Try that at Markey's office - I got berated after sending her emails and not getting a reply other than a form reply. I phoned her office and was belittled for emailing her on the the Rattner Stop & Shop give away by her and Crowley. Her office was clueless on the subject!!!

Anonymous said...

Baldeo may be boasting about having 400K, but more than 300K of it is loans he made to himself. Why would someone essentially throw away more than a quarter million for a job that pays less than 100K? Does he think he's Bloombucks? Or is there another motive like he thinks he's going to line his pockets with bribe money from the Qns third worlders?

georgetheatheist said...

I was intently watching Joe Crowley's DRIVEN autograph-seeking of President Bush at the State of the Union as well- he even got more exposure than the veteran aisle-hound, Eliot "Groucho Marx" Engel.

Crowley asked Bush for the autograph for a certain "Hassan" who he said was sitting - as he pointed- "way up there".

Hey Joe, who's "Hassan"?

Anonymous said...



Do you think that Maltese is going to use Gallagher to head up the "Grannies" for Maltese contingent?

Maltese needs Gallagher. They need each other.

Anonymous said...

from what i hear maltese in the last couple of years has not been on friendly terms with gallagher. maltese even realizes that pinky is absolute piece of s@#$!1

Anonymous said...

"Hassan", you narrow-minded race baiter, is a hero teen who came to the rescue of three fellow teens who were victims of anti-jewish hate crime on the subway. It was in the paper and on NY1 this weekend that Hassan (sans quote marks) would be a guest of Crowley at the SOU address.

If you paid attention to the complete record of your elected officials instead of just cherry-picking those items you feel validate your flawed worldview, you might learn become a slightly less annoying personality, Georgie

Queens Crapper said...

Hey "realist", asking who someone is when you don't know has nothing to do with race. Perhaps you should examine your own tendencies.

Anonymous said...

he even got more exposure than the veteran aisle-hound, Eliot "Groucho Marx" Engel.

That's just the point - except for a small minority of seats, Senators and Representatives seats are actually grabbed very early in the day and not by their staffs. The idea is to be seen on TV or on the aisle talking to the president sort of " Look at me I am a big shot in Government" that constituents see back home and eat up. Usually this ritual occurs on their election year and the best photo taken with the President at the SOTU, is especially desireable for plastering on campaign materials.

Fortunately, Rep Crowley is such a big ass and that's mostly what viewers saw on camera last night. Now if only this guy expended the same kind of energy as he does in this self motivated moment as he could in representing us, we would be living a bit better. I am hoping his distric will eventually be redrawn so that it is only in the Bronx where they can keep him.

georgetheatheist said...

Realist, thank you for the clarification.

Remember, the only stupid question is the one you don't ask.

Nec scire fas est omnia. - Horace

[Let's see how many Queens weeklies publish Crowley's press release on this.]

Anonymous said...

Hey Ma! Hey Ma! I'm in the Gazette on page 28 with the kid Hassan and Bush! One paper down, Ma. How many more to go?

Anonymous said...

Joseph, laddie, your photo is now in the Courier as well - 2 down how many more to go? I am so proud of you, but please next time try not to rip your suit jacket as you desperately lean into the photo.