Saturday, January 19, 2008

Crap above in Carroll Gardens

Looks like "The Hairpiece" is trolling Katia's blog:

"Of course I am still on the website as the architect, dumbass, because I am."

333 Carroll Street Update: Scarano Out!

This is sad for so many reasons.


Anonymous said...

And where the hell did this
"skeevfioso" (scum) Scarano
get his "architecture" degree (if any) .....
La Colligio di Cabinetto (shit house) ?

Anonymous said...

Doesn't Bobby looklike an aging "finnochio" son
of a connected man ?

Maybe his family dumped him in
military school to try and make a man of him .....
but he ran away to bone up on architecture
at wrongly chosen FIT.

verdi said...

Hey, listen Bobby....
if you post your address....
I'd like to send you a new deluxe set of "Leggos"
for X-mas !

Maybe they'll help you get "inspired" !

Anonymous said...

I think they should make Scarano take this building down piece by piece by himself and use his own car to cart away all this crap.