Monday, January 21, 2008

Slow as molasses in January

Here's an example of how slow the wheels of government really turn:


We have received your email regarding a missing bus stop sign.

The Queens Borough Commissioner Maura McCarthy will work with the appropriate operational group to ensure that this matter is addressed properly. The Queens Borough Commissioner will provide you with the results of our findings on or about the middle of April.

Thank you for contacting the New York City Department of Transportation.


It either takes 4 months to replace a bus stop sign or 4 months to write a report about it.


Anonymous said...

They should have contacted C.M. John Liu
of the city Council's Transportation Committee.....
ha, ha, ha !

He would have been there on the spot......
provided he could schedule a press conference
to mug for the cameras.

Never mind.....
it would have taken 4 months
to resolve the matter anyway
after Liu's press appearance was concluded.

Anonymous said...

NYC DOT cannot find the location of the bus stop.

They will send out an expedition by Lewis and Clark.

Anonymous said...

Thats what makes the DOT's plan for improving commuting to and from Queens with funds from the bridge & tunnel tax by providing more buses laughable.
At the present moment the so-called Q24 express bus takes one hour and fifteen minutes to almost 2 hours to make it from downtown Manhattan to Glendale, Queens. A distance of 7 miles.
The Second Avenue bus takes one and a half hours to make it from the Queensborough Bridge to City Hall.
In no way shape or form will more buses help Queens. The only thing that will help are additional subway tunnels crossing the East River and until they are prepared to do that (which will more than likely not be realisticaly even considered in the next 25 years) they can f**k off.

Anonymous said...

only the middle class and poor ride buses so why should we bother fixing the signs. If they take the wrong bus and get lost so much the better!