Friday, January 25, 2008

Dorm town

Columbia's brand-new 17-acre campus in Harlem. Six million square feet of additional space for NYU dorms and classrooms, stretching from Washington Square to the outer boroughs. A Fordham "fortress" springing up on the Upper West Side.

Is NYC becoming a college town?

Colleges and universities are forecasting unprecedented growth in the coming years, adding as much as 17 million square feet of space -- or more than either the World Trade Center or the controversial Atlantic Yards project in Brooklyn -- and may begin to exert an even greater influence on the ebb and flow of life in the city.


Anonymous said...

at least people in Jamaica Estates put up a battle against the college that was set on invading their community, unlike residents in Harlem who seem to be taking this flagrant thievery lying down.

Anonymous said...

So we can expect more obnoxious, spoiled Midwestern teenagers running around the city with their bad clothes, hair, music, and art, homogenizing what's left of the city's once vibrant personality? Yay.

Anonymous said...

17 million square feet of tax exempt space.

Anonymous said...

lunatics - yes ... 'yay!' ... what we need is less Midwestern obnoxiousness and more home grown obnoxiousness.


Anonymous said...

the university business is big business!

Got to fleece all those parents
paying expensive tuition
so that their sons and daughters
won't be able to find a job after they graduate!

Oh.....what's that....Mr. College President.....
the reason they can't find a job is
they've got to go on to graduate school ?

I know where there are some cheaper digs.
The students can bunk with the Mexicans
in those Astoria dormitories .

No extra charge for the bedbugs!

Anonymous said...

and they can bring those bedbugs with them
to Columbia....get a fine education .....
maybe graduate to the level of scarab!