Thursday, January 24, 2008

The G Spot returns

From Queens Rocks:

There are so many promising things happening in Sunnyside, so many young families everywhere. There's a children's park diagonally across from the G Spot. Even if the owners have backed away from the original plan to open a strip club, the G spot should not open as a disco. How can these low rent, sleazy nightclubs be allowed to spring up in a residential neighborhood? What can we do?

The Return of the G Spot


Anonymous said...

No thanks, I prefer more G train instead.

Anonymous said...

I am sad to say that I have trouble finding the G SPOT. Maybe you can post a map or something. ;-)

Anonymous said...

At least now the mythical (?) G-spot
has a specific geographic location.

Now.....what about that elusive,
phantasmagorical vaginal orgasm ?

Is it truth or myth ?

No.....we did not ask for your "expertise"
on the subject.....Councilman Gallagher !
You're in enough trouble.

Anonymous said...

I think people can advocate for a good quality of life in their neighborhood without being told to put up or shut up (or move to NJ).

I agree - the zoning originally enacted for this type of buisness was excellent but pushed them out of Manhattan and landed in Queens. They are well financed to fight any additional zoning limitations but the limitations including the distance from residential housing and houses of worship should be expanded to reflect the needs of Queens where there are many mixed zoned areas. There is a place for everything and if Gallegar strip place is a fine example of not being close or in the face of residents, other such buisnesses can locate in such areas too.

Anonymous said...

The Walter McCaffrey Entertainment Zone.

I will never forget how he legislated this out of Manhattan into his zone, and how the newpapers and community board under the direction of the clubhouse (?) let it happen.

That sucks.

Jeremy Kareken said...

Now if only I could find a parkinG SPOT.