Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Now here's a house!

From the latest Forgotten New York page, Navy Secrets


Anonymous said...

No fat bulbous, ill proportioned
Home Depot columns used here.

Look at the slender tapering delicacy
of those porch pillars
and the beautifully proportioned
Chippendale style mullioned windows
in the dormers.

They were as finely crafted
as the federal mahogany cabinetry of its day.

What can Bobby Scarano,
the architectural scourge of Brooklyn,
ever build that could top this ?

The clumsy hands of many so-called architects
of his type is, unfortunately, evident everywhere
these days .

Anonymous said...

this awesome abode was designed to resemble a ship, right down to some small details: the canon on the lawn and a life preserver tacked to the wall by the front door.

Anonymous said...

ps there's even a balcony (or poop deck) on top of the roof.