Saturday, January 19, 2008


From the NY Observer:

Hiram Monserrate's office was burglarized [Thursday] night in what the Queens Democratic City Councilman is suggesting was a "politically motivated" crime.

Monserrate Condemns 'Politically Motivated' Burglary

Hiram issued the following statement:

"Like every office there are computers, printers, scanners and other equipment including a TV with DVD. However, the only equipment taken was a personal laptop. Also, what was taken was stationery. It is for this reason one begins to suspect the break–in was politically motivated.

We look forward to a political climate that addresses the issues and concerns of our constituents and does not involve dirty tricks."

More from the NY Times: Councilman suspects politics in a burglary


Anonymous said...

For an ex cop....
Hiram doesn't seem to know the first thing
about securing his own office.

If there was anything "sensitive" on his laptop
shouldn't he have been carrying it home with him ?
What a dope!

Maybe he should have taken some lessons
from the Stavisky mob.
I believe they lock up everything in a safe
before they leave their district office
(so I was once told by a former staffer) !

Wasn't Dem/clubhouse leader Tom Manton
also an ex cop ?

H-m-m-m....makes you wonder.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Hiram hired somebody to rob his own office, for some sort of inside cover up. Anything is possible with these crooked polishitcians.

Anonymous said...

What a paranoid freak.

KG2V said...

RE - laptop security

Use something like PGPDisk - and encrypt your whole disk drive

Keep a backup (like every day)

That way - your laptop gets stolen, all they got was a brick, and you still have your data

Anonymous said...

What a sissy freak.

Anonymous said...

This is definitely a cover-up. Monserrate is one of the shadiest public officials in New York and he has a lot to hide and a lot to deny. You can see it all over his face.