Saturday, January 19, 2008

Don't Support Illegal Aliens

To The Editor (of the Queens Gazette):

I have never written to your paper before. I usually support your opinions. However, the article written by John Toscano [Jan. 2, 2007, p. 8, "Many Fresh Direct Workers Facing Immigrant Status Test, Quit Jobs", quoting Congressmember Nydia Velazquez] really upset me. We as a nation must decide whether or not we want to teach our children that breaking the law is wrong. If we decide that it is wrong to break the law and enter this country illegally then we cannot support companies who hire illegal aliens. We must require proper IDs for all workers. We must make it clear that in America citizens are expected to follow the rules and obey the law. If we want a secure America, then we must demand that our borders be secured and that those who are here illegally be asked to leave. No one wants others to have hardships. Most of us who are privileged to be American citizens understand how great our democratic system of government is. We are proud to be American citizens.

Those who choose the legal route sometimes wait for up to 10 years before their dream [of] becoming an American citizen comes true. We cannot allow those who break the law and enter our country illegally to remain and get jobs and have benefits and have children who are American citizens to criticize and protest and demand the same benefits as others who have waited 10 years to attain. The message for our youth is if you break the law and "lay low", eventually you will be forgiven. Why would anyone want that message to be passed to our youth?

I would never want anyone to be hungry. I would never want anyone to be homeless. I would never want anyone not to have the necessities to sustain life. Unless our politicians stop playing both sides against the middle, this problem will continue. If proper documentation is required for a job, then proper identification should be presented. If it is not, then that person should not be allowed to continue working. They should be required to return to their homeland. Our forefathers came from other places. They entered legally. They often waited and their families waited, too. It was hard for them, as it is for all those who leave their homeland and relocate.

Please do not perpetuate this concept that everyone and anyone who "sneaks" in is now entitled to remain because we do not know how to handle the tens of thousands who have now done this. We must make every effort to stop this trend. Feeling sorry for those that have broken our laws gives the wrong message.

Maureen Santora


Anonymous said...

If the politicians were concerned,this situation would never have come into existence. Obviously there is some sort of agenda here as in the past,without computers--resident aliens,visitors were all kept track of and the federal laws on immigration were enforced.They had BIG log books and I'm not being sarcastic either. You had to work so to keep your job you HAD to be here legally......and you even had to go and report annually where you were as your paperwork would be sent to THAT papers/no work/no welfare for immigrants.
On the local level, you couldn't enroll a child in school without proof of residency,proof of birth for your child,immigration STATUS,health records etc.
So for a while all laws have been disregarded and we're told by clinton and bloomie how complex a situation this all is.
really ? stop the welfare/medicaid rip-off,stop the tax evasion,fine the employeRs(that law HAS been on the books for years...)and watch them all disappear.Bloomboig swears our economy will collapse. i guess he isn't aware of all the millions necessary to feed them and all the millions for their free medical care,WIC and food stamps.

Anonymous said...

I advocate we support and take care of our own legal residents and citizen. We can barely do that.

Illegal folks siphon away health care, jobs, pay no taxes and invest their earning by sending it to their legal Country.

They cost us in crime, expensive housing and social issues.

Federal laws must be enforced by all City & State agencys to remove these folks from our lands. Employers must be charged with criminal proceedings for illegaly hiring these folks.

Yes you know that and agree with it - it's your country and it's being given away to others. Illegals are eating yours and your children's future lunch.

Here is what you can do about it - boycott all buisnesses that openly use illegal labor. I don't shop Met Food on Elliot Ave, I don't shop green grocers on Grand Ave. because they use illegal workers. It's a start - don't end there - report that illegal guy who drools over your daughter on her way back home from school. Make the English language the only language offically recoginized in Government. Support Government that only allows legal residents to obtain driver's licenses and State ID cards. Propose that housing and health access be available only to those legal residents show proof of legal residency papers. Heavily fine and jail those who profit from illegal folks.

It's your city, state and Country you or your forefathers/mothers sacrificed and went through great lenghts to be here legally. Don't let other's shortcut you. Change Federal laws to disallow births by illegals on US soil to be automatic citizens - right the wrongs that are taking place under your nose.

Anonymous said...

The issuance of the Emancipation Proclamation
made it illegal to own slaves in America.

Yet we continue to allow
the importation of illegal aliens
to fulfill the need for a new underclass
of "wage slaves".

Lured here by the old lore of
"streets paved with gold"....
they soon fall into the hands of predators
who are all too eager to exploit them.

Unlivable living conditions soon follow
and the promise of "greenbacks" soon turn to pennies......with many horror stories abounding.

Wouldn't it have been much more humane
and responsible on our part as a nation....
to stop their illegal entry in the first place.....
right at our borders?

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it have been much more humane
and responsible on our part as a nation....
to stop their illegal entry in the first place.....
right at our borders?

Absolutly - It's currently not effective though and these folks stream in at will. Their destination is our back yards.

We are stuck with the issue and problems of others who came here and remain here illegally.The Pols ignore us to curry favor with these folks instead of representing us who elected them.

Yes we elected them but then we don't seem to have a choice as to whom is running in races the Party machines offer up their own to reward.

Anonymous said...

Thompson and Velazquez said that Fresh Direct's anti-union stance and the audit "have created an environment of fear among the workforce".

Of course there fear among the workforce - those whom have broken US laws and entered the country without the knowlege of the US Government are subject to detention, criminal charges and deportation. These illegals better fear US laws, although politicans are preventing or flouting US laws from enforcement. What kind of Representatives do we have are they out of their minds?

Queens Anon said...

Throughout history, breaking of laws has been justified in situations where the majority implements and enforces discriminatory practices or "exclusivity" requirements either through de jure or de facto laws and practices. If it hadn't been for Southern blacks organizing sit ins and Gandhi using civil disobedience to agitate the emperialists in power, many of us would still be living within tight borders. Anti-indigenous laws have kept out those that are entitled to be part of a national/ethnic fabric and I am glad to see constant challenges to what it means to be American. If Americans REALLY care about not promoting illegal immigration, stop exploiting them and their services. While I wouldn't encourage illegal immigration, it may force Americans to look outside their borders and ask "why are conditions in their countries so poor that they are willing to become 'second class citizens' in the United States." We are a world community--and sadly enough, the US sometimes is the reason that things are so bad in third world countries, e.g. American transnational corporations taking advantage of conflict countries and exploiting them for natural resources. America needs to wake up and look at the global consequences of its capitalist ventures.

Anonymous said...

Well said. I totally agree with this commentary.


Anonymous said...

Uhh, Queens Anon? Illegals are "entitled" to be "a part of a national/ethnic fabric"? Your premise is simply wrong. Can you think of any country on earth that recognizes any person's untrammeled right to show up one day and demand to be part of the "fabric" of that society's life. I suspect that you only apply that burden to the United States.

Anonymous said...

Anti-indigenous laws have kept out those that are entitled to be part of a national/ethnic fabric.If Americans REALLY care about not promoting illegal immigration, stop exploiting them and their services.

I am against this wrong headed thinking a citizen of another country nation is entitled to be here. Entitlement - one needs to request, learn and earn their merits to gain residency, maintain it lawfully and perhaps earn citizenship if they meet the requirements and standards of our nation.

Entitlement is a description for those who want a free ride to the detriment of others. One seeking entitlements should look elsewhere, Cuba and Venezuala is a good start for your objectives. May you find your streets paved with gold and find your seven virgins in Heaven too.

Anonymous said...

To all you who choose to ignore the REAL reasons behind the startling wave of illegal aliens I suggest you EDUCATE YOURSELVES and take a gander at the FREE TRADE AGREEMENTS that the U.S. kingpins are trying to shove down the throats of Latin American countries. Unfortunately it's way too late for Mexico, we've already seen the devastating consequences there while the Fat Cats here just keep getting richer and all off of these poor people, thus causing the huge influx of illegal immigration into this country. It's so easy to just say: Get rid of them, Arrest them, Deport them, but when you don't know the facts you're just talking out of your A**. Educate yourselves people and them make an informed judgement!!